Adam Rippon describes the last gay adult film he watched. Hot?

There’s a lot to unpack in this relatively short segment Adam Rippon filmed with Ellen.

First, the elephant in the room — Adam’s truly horrifying dream man.

Ellen took all the qualities Adam admires in male celebrities (Harry Styles‘ hair, the Rock’s mouth, Zac Efron‘s body, etc.) and melded them into the ultimate date.

Feast your eyes on this hunk:

We haven’t been this turned on since a bunch of oiled up bros twerked it out at the gym.

But the fun didn’t stop there.

Ellen introduced a segment titled “Adam Rippon On…” (whoever came up with that deserves a raise like yesterday), in which Adam opines on a number of cultural hot-topics.

One of the categories is the adult film star turned presidential sparring partner Stormy Daniels.

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Adam Rippon on… Stormy Daniels:

“I haven’t cheered this hard for a porn star since… yesterday, when I was watching one, and it was these two guys, they were, like, ‘roommates,’ and the one — he couldn’t pay his bills or anything and it was like ‘where’s he going to live?’ And then they worked it out.”

Wow. We haven’t been this turned on since Ellen introduced us to Adam’s dream man.

Watch the segment below, and let’s just go ahead and give Adam his own show. Can we?