Adam Scott Lost His First Gay Role To Michael C. Hall, Still Made Out With Him

adam-scott-imageIn what is perhaps more upsetting news than Samuel L. Jackson being picked over for a starring role on Breaking Bad, Parks & Rec cutie Adam Scott told TV Line this week that he was originally eyed for the role of Six Feet Under‘s openly gay David Fisher, a role made famous by Michael C. Hall.

(On second thought, it’s not that upsetting, considering the fact that Scott still came out on top and the show gave us six glorious years of Michael C. Hall making out with men.)

Scott revealed he was ultimately replaced by Hall during a screen test:

“You know how I got that role? It was me, Michael C. Hall and Jeremy Sisto testing for the role that Michael ultimately got… He and I got to know each other a little bit [during the casting process], and then six months later, they had me come in to play his boyfriend for two episodes.”

But he doesn’t harbor resentment, saying “It was like having a part in a big movie if you got on Six Feet Under.”

Also, you’re never really a loser if you’ve felt Michael C. Hall’s tongue inside your mouth.