AdamMale Gives Loving To Its Customers

We consider the gay adult products catalog to be something pretty utilitarian: an old friend that is there when we need him, even if he’s kind of plain. He gets the job done, even if the “taste level isn’t quite there,” in the words of Project Runway Judge/Editor-in-Chief of Elle magazine Nina Garcia. And we thought he was pretty content the way he is.

AdamMale double dildo

Nathan over at Nathan Exposed thought differently, and decided to poke fun at his favorite adult catalog, AdamMale, in a hilarious post that picks apart some of their more awful photos and suggests changes. When he received his next catalog, the photo at left had been changed! He suspected they had read his blog, and it turns out he was correct.

They just sent him a huge gift basket containing a little bit of everything, from porn to cockrings to dirty playing cards. But the best prize of all was the giant bottle of “Wet: Platinum” lube. That stuff costs as much as a romantic dinner for two, and lasts so much longer.

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