Add Davey Wavey to the ‘Censored Sex Acts’ List!

For all the Davey Wavey critics out there, here’s one thing to note: Just like Adam Lambert, Davey is being censored by Big Brother!

His video “5 Reason to Be Gay” (see it here) included a scene of simulated oral sex. Just like Lambert. Which had enough people flagging the video to get YouTube put it behind their “age appropriate” wall. Just like ABC and CBS! It’s all part of America’s on-going “violence is okay for kids, sex is not” mantra.

Interestingly enough, the naked photos of Davey Wavey landing in our inbox are also, uh, censored.

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  • TommyOC

    If you have naked pictures of Davey Wavey, you better start leaking them!

    I can’t stand the guy when he opens his mouth to talk, but as in most situations of such, they’re welcome to open their mouth for other activities.

    And besides… I’m curious if the pecs match the… you know…

  • Keith Kimmel

    Fuck that shit. Google has started playing around with various things just a little too much.

  • Kevin_BGFH

    Leak those pics, even if they’re censored!

  • Joey

    Pics or it didn’t happen.

  • Steve

    He actually has a point.

    In the US, we have taught the most recent several whole generations to be violent. Violent movies, television, and games teach something — they teach violence. Last week I read a news story about a teenager who stabbed his brother with a knife. He knew how to do it with maximum effect. But, he did not understand that the damage would be real. His brother died.

    If we were to restrict violent entertainment as carefully as we now restrict sex, we would have a lot less violent crime. By teaching kids to be violent, we (predictably) end up with violent young men.

    By suppressing factual information about sex, we also teach young people to objectify sex. Instead of teaching about responsibility and love, we try to suppress those lessons. The result is that the only information most young people get about sex is, how to “do it”. Nothing about how to be safe. Nothing about consequences or responsibility.

    If we were to distribute information about sex as widely as we now distribute violent entertainment, we might save a lot of peoples lives. And, we surely would avoid a lot of unintended pregnancies, a lot of rapes, and a lot of the other negative consequences.

    So, we end up with a generation of hormone-driven kids, who have no knowledge about how to be safe, and no understanding about the real consequences of either violence or sex. Single mothers dropping out of school. Children not knowing their daddies, and men not even knowing how many children they have. These are the kids who will be “leading” this country, and running our institutions and businesses, twenty years from now.

    Get a clue from Europe. Sex information is widely available, and sex education is in the standard curriculum. But, violent entertainment is regulated. The result is much less violent crime, fewer unwanted children, and a host of other statistics that suggest a peaceful, prosperous society.

  • schlukitz

    Bravo, Steve. Well said. Unfortunately, that message falls on deaf ears here in the USA where out of touch with reality, church-induced, stupid hang-ups about sex, any kind of sex, are shoved down everyone’s throats with impunity.

    The thing is, anyone can go to a movie complex and watch any number of mainline films where hetero-sex is so “simulated”(sans genitalia) and looks so real that you feel embarrassed to be watching, yet no one, including big brother, complains. Nor, is it censored.

    But when gays “simulate” sex, as Davey Wavey harmlessly did in his YouTube Video, OMG…the sky is falling wails of anguish begin.

    Sorry guys. This is just another example of blatant, unapologetic hypocrisy and homophobia.

  • Jacob

    The guy has a point!

  • Quake

    I’m tired of seeing this guy, he’s scary looking!

  • alan brickman

    he’s very cute and funny would cuddle him in a second…

  • romeo

    Me want naked Davey pitchers!

  • Qjersey

    I keep thinking that Davey Wavey is trying to audition for Bryan Safi’s job (“that’s gay” on Current)

  • Brian NJ

    I wish he would thicken his neck. Neck exercises are tricky, but he should do them. There is not enough meat holding up his head. It scares me. Nice color though `)

  • scott ny'er

    There was an actual point in this video and it made sense.

    He’s still annoying tho and needs to buy an effin’ shirt.

    He has a NICE apartment tho. Dayum!!! If that’s in Manhattan, he’s paying some bucks for that, I’d think.

  • terrwill

    As to the “naked pics” of Davey. I begged and pleaded and had one sent to me. There was a bar over the pee pee and although the pecs looked like his, I am not convinced it is actually Davey. If so it is a very old pic of him.

    Queerty Peeps: I think you have the same pic I have, it doesn’t violate your “no visibale penis rule” so why not post it??????

    Schlukitz: My wise adopted surrogate Grandfater: as usual wise words from the older gen………………..

  • Same Crap

    I only read the Davey posts because of the gossip about him.

  • NOexcuses

    God almighty, not this creep again… Queerty, what’s wrong with you???

  • Attmay

    Not exactly husband material, and that’s being polite. Seriously, Queerty, I will pay you never to run another story about this schmuck again.

    I’m appalled to see people here defending censorship if it’s for violence but not sex. If the Religious Wrong ever needs evidence to support the idea that gays are fascist, they can come here and see people defend Eurofascist censorship. I despise censorship on principle, but I think its proponents (this means you, Steve) are supporting it for the wrong reasons: for morality instead of for aesthetics.

    As for censorship of sex, I will flag every video that has a man and a woman so much as kissing or holding hands. I’m sick of having the heterosexual agenda shoved down my throat at every corner.

    There is no sex act two gay men can perform that a man and a woman cannot. There is only one sex act two lesbians can perform that a man and a woman cannot. However, there is one sex act a man and a woman can perform that two gay men or two lesbians cannot, and that act does not entitle the breeders to any special privileges.

    Fight fire with fire. Flag the hetero perverts. Save OUR Children.

  • sam

    he pronounched crotch correctly. not as ‘crutch’, he deserves a medal

  • miley crisis

    prettiest nipples ever… and he makes a good point.

  • Phil

    “sex is an act of love”… Not the sex I’ve been having :P

  • Joshua Sellers

    I really need a huge ask here…I so want to see the uncensored pics of Davey Wavey and cant find them anywhere. Have you guys had any luck finding them?

    Thank you for your consideration…Love the Blog!


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