Adele Rumored To Play Queer Icon Dusty Springfield In Upcoming Biopic

8BCB7066B189F1E561F6A665715EFB1EBefore you die of a broken heart over news that Daniel Radcliffe will never be Freddie Mercury, take solace in this: Adele may have landed in the shoes of another legendary queer icon for her first lead role!

Page Six is reporting that the British crooner has taken the part of Dusty Springfield in an upcoming biopic. According to sources, she is “attached to a project, but it’s in the early stages of development.”

May the God of Straight Celebrities Playing Gay rejoice! Think of all the endless combinations of brilliant hairpieces and evening gowns Adele could turn out as the famous ’60s soul singer, and who better to cover the vocals on “Son of A Preacher Man” and “Wishin’ and Hopin‘?”

There’s no word yet on whether she’ll also star in a steamy same-sex love scene, but if she does, let’s at least hope it’s a threesome with fellow young legends Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift, both of whom are also rumored to be involved.

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  • Dxley

    She’s too FAT for tv and just plain ugly. Also I despise smokers, I’d rather die lonely and friendless than be associated with ANY smoker. Good thing my man and my ppl are smart enough to avoid the habit. Adele, you’re too fat for tv, just record your songs without appearing in the music videos!

  • whatisthis

    @Dxley: Sorry, but you seem like the kind of overweight, lonely, unhappy, povo, jealous bitch that you always complain about. Seriously, I would like to see what kind of person you DO like. Meaning someone completely and 100% perfect without any flaws whatsoever. That will be a sight for sore eyes.

  • andy_d

    @whatisthis: You go!

  • Dxley

    @whatisthis: Lololol! It’s funny because you described the exact opposite of me in the first sentence. I’m happy, you know why? Because I’ve got money(let me say for the LAST time that I’m an engineer) and yes, money is everything.

    Don’t worry, I’ve already found a man with a real degree, very fit, very handsome and he’s not perfect but he’s pretty damn close. Can’t say the same for you, though :D

  • whatisthis

    @Dxley: You’re like literally the definition of the superficial, arrogant, bitchy gay stereotype that us REAL people of the LGBT community have to deal with every day. Be proud of yourself, DICKsley, for helping the homophobia stay in ignorant peoples’ minds. Actually, I think you just might be MORE ignorant than those low-IQ homophobes who live in rural Texas. How embarrassing.

  • TinoTurner

    @Dxley: Haha, sounds like someone has a past they’re trying to get rid of. I didn’t grow up with money but I grew up with unconditional love. My man grew up with a shit-load of money but he also had a close family that he loves more then anything. Do you know how I know you’re a piece of shit and a broke ass loser? REAL people with REAL money don’t talk about it and they know that it is not everything.

  • openguy

    @Dxley: Is harsh but she is nothing like Springfield physically

  • Polaro

    @Dxley: Can always count on you to be c*nt. It really isn’t funny anymore.

  • the other Greg

    I can see this working. Hope she does it.

    Also, I’m extremely disappointed to learn that Dxley is a non-smoker!

  • Dxley

    You say people with money don’t talk about it? That’s stupid, that’s like saying there are no beautiful ppl who say that they’re beautiful. Lmgao. It’s not funny anymore? Who the fuck is trying to make a joke? I know I’m not. I don’t care what you guys go through, honestly. I’m happy, moneyed, great career, with a good man and life just never gets better than this. Keep talking, bitches! Lololololol :D

  • Nixter

    @Dxley: You can’t be happy if you’re arrogant. Disgusting.

  • mada

    I think she makes the most sense as a choice. I also would have went with Róisín Murphy because their singing voices are rather alike.

  • odawg

    @Dxley: What’s really sad is you feel the need to “list” the reasons you have it SO well. Great for you! I seriously doubt you are as happy as you claim to be. If you were, you wouldn’t feel the need to take to the Internet to be so vile and hateful. Work on finding some inner peace.

  • Charlie in Charge

    Would love to see a Dusty Springfield film, and bonus: we would get to hear Adele sing Preacher man (Though Joss stone has done a fabulous job of that).

    Dxley, it’s a good thing you love yourself so much hon, I can’t imagine anyone else does.

  • sfbeast

    Don’t want to get into the argument above, but…..I’m intrigued, but my first thought was that she needs to lose weight.

  • odawg

    @sfbeast: You don’t want to get into the argument above and so you post a comment that is in line with the OP? Okay.

  • ncman

    @odawg: She would need to lose weight to play Springfield. It’s just an honest fact. Her current body is nothing like Springfield’s.

  • nhregardless1


    What are you? A body Nazi? Why yes you are! Doll, I would suggest a good long look in the mirror to you. And be careful with stones around your glass house you internet troll

  • Kenover

    This is a stroke of genius. Brilliant casting! Dusty would be happy.

  • Jayson

    I would love to see it. I love me some Dusty!

  • GeriHew

    @Dxley: Dusty Springfield was a smoker.

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