Administrators Say CT Student Can Wear Anti-Gay Shirt To School

anti-gay-t-shirtA high-school student in Connecticut will be allowed to wear a T-shirt bearing an anti-LGBT message, according to the AP.

Officials at Wolcott High School today reversed their original decision to ban student Seth Groody from wearing the shirt, which depicts a rainbow with a slash through it (right). Groody wore the shirt on April 20, 2011—the National Day of Silence honoring victims of anti-gay bullyinh—and was told to remove it by administrators.

The ACLU had threatened litigation before the school changed its mind.

Ironically the legal-rights group just filed suit today on behalf of Florida student Amber Hatcher, who was suspended for participating in the Day of Silence. (Hatcher, 16, wore a T-shirt that said “DOS April 20, 2012: Shhhhh,”)

Do students have as much right to wear anti-gay T-shirts as they do pro-LGBT apparel? Vote in the poll below—then share with the group in the comments section.


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