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Admitted child molester Josh Duggar gets a court date for his catfishing trial

Josh Duggar talking before a crowd.

It looks like former-reality-star-turned-used-car-salesman/antigay activist Josh Duggar is headed for a jury trial in the Ashley Madison lawsuit brought against him by a Los Angeles-based DJ.

Just to recap: Matthew McCarthy says Josh stole his picture then used it to catfish women on OkCupid and the cheating website Ashley Madison while his unsuspecting wife, Anna, was carrying their second child.

McCarthy says Josh’s actions damaged his reputation and caused him to lose out on work. He also says his “religious family” was hurt, and that Josh’s actions were “malicious and deliberate.”

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“[Josh] acted willfully, maliciously and impressively … with full and deliberate disregard for the consequences [to McCarthy],” the lawsuit sates, adding that McCarthy “reasonably fears that he will continue to be shunned, avoided, embarrassed and subjected to ridicule.”

The California Superior Court of L.A. County just scheduled Josh’s trial for March 7, just four days before his 30th birthday. It is expected to last three to five days and will be held before a jury, per Duggar’s request.

Even though the trial now has an official date, it could still be settled during the mandatory settlement conference scheduled for December 7.

Josh and his wife Anna are currently expecting their fifth child together.

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