Trash human

Tucker Carlson caught on tape joking about child rape, beating and choking women

Admitted gay basher Tucker Carlson is once again reminding everyone that he’s a trash human. Just in case y’all forgot.

Over the weekend, the progressive media outlet Media Matters published a series of clips and transcripts from appearances the Fox News host made between 2006 and 2011 on a trashy shock-jock radio show called “Bubba the Love Sponge”.

In the audio files, 49-year-old Carlson can he heard saying:

  • “Arranging a marriage between a 16-year-old and a 27-year-old is not the same as pulling a stranger off the street and raping her.”
  • Claiming that a 13-year-old student who was raped by her teacher 28 times was “doing a service to all 13-year-old girls by taking the pressure off” because they wouldn’t have to sleep with him.
  • “It’s harder to determine what’s consensual and what’s not” when you’re with a sex worker.”
  • Claiming he “spanked Michael Moore like a bad little girl.”

Carlson also calls Britney Spears and Paris Hilton “the biggest white whores in America,” calls sex workers “slutty and pathetic,” calls Oprah Winfrey “anti-man” and says she “hates the penis”, and says he wants to “f*ck Sarah Palin.”

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Oh, but it doesn’t stop there.

Carlson also partakes in jokes about beating women, raping women, choking women, and he vocally fantasizes about underage girls sexually experimenting on each other at boarding school, which he states, “If it weren’t my daughter, I would love that scenario.”

Other remarks including unrelenting jabs at “anti-penis” Hillary Clinton, calling Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan ugly, saying “I feel sorry for her in that way. I feel sorry for unattractive women”, and calling women, in general, “extremely primitive” and “basic.”

We could go on, but we think you get the picture.

After the audio files surfaced over the weekend, Carlson, who was caught on tape assaulting a gay Latino man at a country club last November, tweeted out a statement downplaying the remarks as “naughty” and refusing to apologize. He then admitted to being a trash human, which is something he takes pride in, and even gets paid for by Fox News.

“I’m on television every weeknight live for an hour,” Carlson tweeted. “If you want to know what I think, you can watch.”

So far, Fox News has not issued any comment on the situation, but calls for boycotts against Carlson’s advertisers have already begun.

Still, at least one person is sticking by the conservative political commentator.

There’s no question Carlson is in hot water (again). But will it be enough to finally boil the frog?

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