Adopting A Baby: The Hot Gay Trend That’s Tripled In Popularity

According to the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law, 6,477 gay and lesbian couples adopted kids in 2000 and the number tripled to about 21,740 by 2009. In 2000, about 8,310 adopted children were living with same-sex couples and in 2009, the number rose to 32,571. Have you adopted your designer baby yet? What are you waiting for?

Apparently the trick is to do what 50 percent of all gay and lesbian couples do and adopt a kid from foster care. That way they have their healthcare and college already paid for—ch-ching! But we digress…

From The L.A. Times:

According to the Adoption Institute, at least 60% of U.S. adoption agencies surveyed accept applications from non-heterosexual parents. Nearly 40% of agencies have knowingly placed children with gay families. About half the agencies surveyed reported a desire for staff training to work with such clients.

That’s right. Adoption agencies love working with gay families because we’re so rad.

We already know that kids from straight and gay families turn out no differently from one another. In fact, homo-raised kids might actually even turn out better.

We can’t wait until gays and lesbians end up adopting at a rate similar to straights so we can get some more stats on the success of gay-raised kids and finally trash that whole nonsensical “every child deserves a mother and father” line down the dustbin of history.

Image via LizaWasHere