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Adorable Otter Curb-Stomped In Brutal Salt Lake Attack

Every Friday 20-year-old Salt Lake City resident Dane Hall attended the gay Friday night party at Club Sound. When he left, four men approached him and began yelling “faggot” before they punched him in the back of the head, grabbed his shirt and began punching Hall repeatedly in the face. When Hall fell to the ground, one of his attackers put his open mouth on the curb and curb stomped him, knocking out six of his teeth, shattering his cheekbone, breaking his jaw in three places, and jamming a piece of his jawbone in his brain. Two other attackers repeatedly kicked Hall in the stomach before stealing his ID and $40 and running away.

Surprisingly, Hall is not dead.

He has spent 5 days in the hospital and faces medical bills totaling more than $30,000 unless he can find his assailants and make them pay. He’s offered a $10,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest, but so far the police have no leads or suspects.

What’s especially fucked is that this is the second gay-bashing since April to happen outside of Club Sound. The first left 21-year-old Jordan Corona with a concussion and though his phone was stolen, police made no arrests in that case either. Hall has recommended that the club install video cameras to help prevent future bashings in what could be a recurring pattern.

Q Salt Lake adds that if you wanna help Hall:

Anyone with information about the assailants or any possible leads are being asked to call the Salt Lake Police Department at 801-799-3000. A fund has been established at Zions Bank to help with Hall’s medical costs. Simply ask to donate to the ‘Dane Hall Fund’ at any bank branch or call 801-524-4972. Metro Bar, which is across the street from Club Sound, will also be hosting a fundraiser and raffle for Hall on Saturday night. For more information, go to the the Metro Bar Facebook Page.

You can also see video of Hall and more info of the attack here. During one point in the broadcast, Hall talks about how he started crying because he won’t be able to eat solid foods for ten weeks and all he wants is a bowl of cereal.

Images used with permission of Q Salt Lake

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  • doomsday1038

    I hope they get the guys who did this.

  • Kai

    Oh my holy jesus, how horrifying, I haven’t cringed like this for such a long time. I have never been able to forget the American History X scene where they do the same curb teeth thing to a character in the movie. It’s the most horrible thing. I feel terrible and so sad for Otter, the pain he went through is unspeakable. I can’t believe people could be so cruel to such a point point, if there is a heaven they are never going into it. I am not religious so I don’t pray, but I will be sending my thoughts to Otter.

  • TommyOC

    This being Utah, the crime won’t be prosecuted as a hate crime.

    Why? Because the criminals robbed the victim. Hate doesn’t motivate a robbery, they’ll say. That will be Utah’s defense for going soft on these perps when they’re caught.

    I hope not only will cameras be installed, but that gay Utahans will start better looking out for one another. (Yes, I have this assumption that gays in conservative areas know it’s especially better to band together… sue me for having faith in humanity.)

  • desdemona

    This is so fuvking frustrating. Why do jerkoffs like the assailants think they can go around doing this?! WTF is wrong w/Barak Obama?? Obama- Pass a federal fuvking hate crimes law protecting the LGBT community. It’s disgusting that this day in age people are still fighting for basic protection from the law. Are we in Nazi Germany? We like to think we are so much more civilized than people in Africa and the Middle East, but this proves that there are many moronic, barbaric thugs in this country that need to be put down.

  • Mav

    And this is exactly why I advocate for gays with guns. We are the perpetual targets of hate crimes. If the laws will not protect us, we have no choice but to protect ourselves. Sounds like Club Sound needs some vigilantes.

    Every day you step out of your house, you need to ask yourself, “Is this the day someone puts my teeth on the curb?”

    Horrifying but true. Nobody is immune to these monsters. It doesn’t matter if you live in San Franscisco or BFE Utah.

  • Oh Dear (John From England)

    @desdemona: Urgh, Obama did pass a law. Hello?

  • Stephanie

    I will pray for this poor young man and also his attackers. They obviously have problems that should be dealt with. I pray for thier understanding of someone who is different, someone who they dont think is acceptable. I have a niece who is bi-sexual and a nephew who is Autistic…. I also have a nice who is brilliant and another who can sing sweeter that the birds, we’re ALL different!

  • Tony

    @Mike…so what if it is him? That has nothing to do with this tragic attack.

  • JKB

    And I love how these guys think their macho by attacking someone four against one. Bunch of wankers.

  • Allen D.

    @Mike: Like Tony said – who gives a fuck?

    Apparently there’s been about 6 gay bashing attacks in Utah recently. The guys at Q Salt Lake are looking into them. I’m also trying to figure out how to come up with groups of teams to get these smaller guys to their cars safetly until these fuckers are caught. Every time I see this or read about it, I get sick to my stomach all over again.

  • Joe

    Reading about things like this make me want to resort to vigilanteism. I know that sometimes can cause more trouble than good, but it just sucks that people are doing sh!t like this and getting away with it because they stole $40. Shouldn’t matter if they stole anything or not. They should be tried for attempted murder. Especially after pulling an American History X move like that. They can’t spin that as anything but pure hatred.

  • phallus

    These attackers are pure evil plain and simple. It’s hard to imagine the pain and suffering Dane must have gone through. But what is really sad is that Club Sound hasn’t done more to protect their customers when entering and leaving the club especially after the first attack happened in April. This place must not be afraid of losing their business. Wtf, why should Dane have to even think about making the suggestion of installing security cameras, Club Sound should have done that months ago!
    I’m wishing for a speedy recovery for Dane, both phyically and emotionally.

  • Me

    Jordan Corona wasn’t gay bashed. He was drunk and fell down a lot. It was all made up.

  • JDSwell

    @Tony: Unless it wasn’t a gay-bashing but someone collecting on a drug debt. Doesn’t make it less horrific, but it does make it not a hate crime per se.

  • Sean

    Oh my god. I read these stories several times per month on Queerty, but something about this story really got to me more than the others. This is so sad. I can’t believe this still happens so often in 2011.

  • Eminent Victorian

    Goddamnit, stories like this make me so angry I want to bash the gaybashers, which isn’t very productive. Glad this kid isn’t dead. Glad, too, there are ways to help with his bills–definitely donating. How serious will the SLC pee-dee be about catching the person(s) who did this to him?

  • WhatAbout

    I sure hope this is true. Well, I hate it if it’s true, but…after all the fake queer-bashing claims I always say “wait and see” before going on a tirade about gaybashings.

  • WhatAbout

    @desdemona: I’d still say we’re more civilized than in the Mid East or Africa. The perps (if caught) will be arrested and tried, not given medals or paid for the job. Keep a little realistic perspective here.

  • Queer Supremacist

    This is why the great Governor Lilburn Boggs of Missouri signed an extermination order against Mormons. It should be legal to kill these motherfucking breeder pigs.

    @Eminent Victorian: Goddamnit, stories like this make me so angry I want to bash the gaybashers, which isn’t very productive. The hell it isn’t. Next time you want to bash a gay basher, fucking do it. I’d join you if I knew who you were.

    @Oh Dear (John From England): And have there been any successful prosecutions under that law?

  • LookItt

    If he really was attacked, I doubt it was Mormons who did it. I can’t stand them, but they’re too goody-goody for that (at least since the 1950’s). Actually, I’d like to hear a description of the attackers.

  • So Yo

    I hate to be THAT guy, but something about saying ‘Adorable Otter’ in the headline and going into that horrifying story bothers me a little bit…

    Here’s to a speedy recovery Dane

  • Chad

    @Stephanie: Prayer is a sweet sentiment heard only in the mind. When will the LGBT community say enough is enough. It’s time for an all out riot, we need to get the attention of the government and say we are F#UCKING tired of it and we will no longer tolerate your intolerance. Everyday there is a new story of someone being killed and some religious nut jub claiming to speak for god.

  • Allen D.

    As a life long Utahn – Mormons are the MOST likely to do something like this. They feel like they have God on their side. Gays are less than people to the Mormon church.

  • Michael

    This is why Big Brother cameras are needed in ares that are a safety risk to everyone, not just gays. It’s amazing that this guy was not in a comma and or on life support. I hope they find these PUNKS that did this and string their asses up for a public beat down. Reality TV do something good for the human race and make this a very public point that this behavior is not tolerated in this day and age. If these kids, punks want to fight and hurt so bad, send them off to IRAQ and let them loose. Let’s start the ” Save a Soldier ” Kill a Punk” campaign.

  • Tony

    @JDSwell: I didn’t call it a hate crime. Queerty did, I just said it was tragic. It’s tragic no matter what caused it.

  • Brian

    Cameras are only good for potentially IDing suspects after someone has been killed or seriously injured.

    This won’t stop until LGBT people get trained and armed. When stories of would be bashers brains being hosed off the sidewalk after a would be victim fires a 44 slug into his/her attacker hit the press, these cowards will think twice about their assaults.

  • Cliff

    They are unlikely to be caught and if they are they will get tacit approval by the light sentences given. This Club should be sued for not taking security precautions for their patrons.

  • Jay

    Dear fuckwad gay bashers – I’m a big fag so come and bash me. I just bought a revolver and I’m now applying for a concealed weapon license. I will happily blow off all of your fucking heads.

  • shannon


  • Christopher

    Don’t like the ‘adorable otter cub’ tag as used here, but can’t help note these a-holes didn’t pick a Grizzly as victim. Where are all the Leather masters, daddys and bears who can volunteer for protection duty at this obviously dangerous place?

  • Allen D.

    @shannon: Seriously?! SHUT THE FUCK UP. You want to go on a tangent attacking this kid’s looks?! Good god. First, yes — he IS adorable. Second, WOW – is nothing sacred on this fucking website? Does everything REALLY come down to someone’s looks (or more specifically – how YOU interpret their looks)?!

    Shows the beautiful unity of the “community”. As a continuing testament to that — go fucking DIE. Preferably “curbed” first.

  • Allen D.

    @Christopher: We’re working on that.

  • Allen D.

    @JDSwell: I’ll give you the benefit of the fact that you might not live in Utah. Having been involved in ‘illegal’ activity (on both sides of the law) here — I’ll tell you this: If you rip off a pot dealer (as that douchebag posted, he was arrested for pot at one point), you get cut off. You DON’T get fucking beaten and curbed. Let alone outside of a bar with potential witnesses. Violent retribution is reserved for large, typically expensive quantities of the hard stuff. People grow pounds of pot here for kicks. It’s not exactly ‘Scarface’ in good ol’ Salt Lake City.

  • Allen D.

    @Christopher: Also, not for nothing, it wasn’t “adorable otter cub”… it was “Adorable Otter CURB-STOMPED”. Let’s not take away from the viciousness of the story.

  • DerekInMO

    @Mav: You are absolutely right. But it’s not enough to buy a gun, if you live in a conceal and carry state, you need to practice at a range. For other states, take a self defense course, and or carry a knife.

  • Jeff in NYC

    Not saying he isn’t “Adorable” but seriously, what in the WORLD do his looks have to do with anything in the first place? What if he had been ‘fat’? (Read: More than 165 pounds) What if he had been ‘ugly’? (Read: Anyone you wouldn’t want to fuck) The whole thing is patently ridiculous. We should want violence against LGBT people to stop, no matter what they look like. Someone’s looks should neither heighten or diminish the tragedy of what they have gone through.

  • JumpingUp

    @Jeff in NYC: You’re right, but it doesn’t seem to work that way in the gay mind. I can give you a list of gay murder victims who didn’t look like the “cute harmless handsome twink” Matthew Shepard, thus they had no chance of becoming the poster boy for gaybashings. Their cases were quickly forgotten. Maybe that’s not just with gays, though. I think the general public picks the “correct” poster child for any cause. (And not to belittle Matthew Shepard).

  • Allen D.

    @Jeff in NYC: Very true, Jeff. Very true. I didn’t mean to imply that his adorableness made it worse. Queerty says those kinds of things to “grab your attention”, which I get. But, at the same time, it’s almost like there are guys who are jealous that Queerty’s not calling THEM pretty or adorable. It’s sickening. Especially with this story. People like that need to go to the “A List” threads and talk about how they’re so much better than them, etc. This is NOT the place (ok, bad Mormon pun).

  • David B

    Guys – what difference does it make that he is ‘adorable’? I think it’s in pretty bad taste to lust after a guy who’s just been gay bashed…

  • Seriously

    I think it’s messed up that evaluating the guy’s perceived appearance is in any way relevant. I think Queerty meant it an awwww poor little guy what a puddums way and not in any sexualized content, but the flames that have arisen since Shannon went off like a deranged idiot are steering us off what’s important: this attack.

    We can’t expect the law to look after us. They’ve failed us. The bulk of society has failed us. What mightn’t have failed this kid is, as some have pointed out, a support system in place to make sure we can go out and have a good time and not be attacked.

    I’m not saying his attackers need a shotgun blast to the cranium, but then again…

  • Jakey

    @Allen D.: Thank you for putting the lie to that so thoroughly. Collecting on a drug debt my ass.

  • uu

    There is something about recreational torture that is more evil than plain murder.

  • Gauge

    I am sooooo sick of hearing these stories. My soul aches EVERY time.
    You better freaking believe that I would not have been the only one in that hospital bed.
    Since the law Pffhhh won’t protect us then we have to protect ourselves.
    What would ever make someone think its ok to do this to another?
    Gays please get it together learn to defend yourselfs. A man may like other men but he’s still
    A Man none the less defend yourself and your right to have a healthy prosperous life.
    It shouldn’t have to be that way but it is. If a bitch is gonna step to you to harrass you for YOUR lifestyle
    Then you bettr let them know that shit is not gonna fly and either the head is gonna roll or their gonna feel
    Mase. I rather you think less of me and leave me alone than think less of me and pulvarize me.
    I’m sure that boy is scarred for life. Knowing from now on he has to turn his gay down in certain situations and act straight just to feel safe. And that’s the worse part. My heart Goes Out to you dane<3

  • Ronbo

    @Oh Dear (John From England): I believe Obama signed the law passed by the House and Senate to Repeal DADT (by the way, DADT is still being enforced to this day).

    Obama did not cause this; however, his backsliding gives rise to this kind of attack. Obama was for equality until he was against it and now he can be persuaded; but, in the meantime he does not support marriage equality. On DOMA his justice Dept objects to two sections; otherwise they support it.

    See a pattern? Neither and both here and there. In other words, not supportive of equality.

  • Adonis-of-Fire

    Horrifying, I will keep him in my prayers
    And this is why we fags should be armed every time we go out.

  • Luke Presley

    To me the title of this article was a bit insensitive. Instead of saying he is an adorable otter, which does not really matter in this story, why not just say his name, or something. It seemed to draw attention away from what happened to me.
    I will be trying to save up some money to donate to his medical bills. Praying for you Dane Hall.

  • Luke Presley

    To me the title of this article was a bit insensitive. Instead of saying he is an adorable otter, which does not really matter in this story, why n.ot just say his name, or something. It seemed to draw attention away from what happened to me.
    I will be trying to save up some money to donate to his medical bills. Praying for you Dane Hall

  • C Nelson

    During the 1800’s, out West, if the sheriff wouldn’t protect a town’s citizens, they felt they needed to carry their own protection. I find it quite odd that few if any gays have decided to ‘conceal and carry’; especially in red states where it seems most people do. I have several relatives who live in Arizona and both she and her daughter carry Glocks. They never leave home without it.

  • slanty

    Are those people in the photo his friends? Many good thoughts going out to anyone he knows who visits him and supports him during this difficult time.

  • Seaguy

    OMG what a horrific attack. Where is the Morman church and all that effort they conjured up for Prop 8? You would think they would want the evil people who did this attack caught as well because even though this was an attack on a gay man who is to say they aren’t going to start attacking mormans next?

    I hope they catch the evil bastards so they can be sent to prison where they will hopefully endure some horrific prison rape!

  • Ali Robo

    I hope they find the attackers and put them in prison where they will hopefully get their fair share of anal rape every day.

  • Richard

    @Mike: yup it is

  • Richard

    He wasn’t bashed. I live in salt lake. my room mate’s father is an EMT, he was a first responder. the reason the police didn’t investigate is that the kid didn’t file a police report till after he went to the press. This kid is an addict and it was a drug deal gone bad. yes, it’s horrible what happened but don’t call it a hate crime. As for Jordan Corona, first of all his name is Trevor Hanson, second of all he was fall down drunk and was taken to the drunk tank that night he was supposedly “bashed” the staff of the club had to call the cops to pick him up. These sort of false hate crimes are just the boy who cried wolf so that when something real happens no one will believe them.

  • MoBB

    @Richard: I’ll still withhold judgement, but it wouldn’t surprise me, either if what you say is true. I do know Dane Hall was arrested in early July on a number of drug-related charges (and, hate to say it, but he looked pretty cute in the mugshot!)

  • Lola

    It is him. He also has a few other arrests out there. That does not mean he is not a victim, it just shows that he may be prone to exaggeration. The cops are totally on the side of the gays here in SLC. They even have a gay squad, so folks should stop saying the cops take this shit lightly.

  • ZeligII

    I can’t say for sure if Dane Hall’s claim is totally false, or true, or only partially true, but I’ll admit his past criminal record, as well as other things, makes me unable to buy his story without a doubt. It’s also kind of shameful how gay men will quickly believe any claim of gay bashing. Until proven, it’s all just alleged. You’d think they would know by now with all the frauds- Phillip Nelson in Claremont, OK; Quinn Matney in NC; Kieran Daly in Savannah, GA; Shawn Bennett in Michigan. Of course real antigay assaults happen, but haven’t these other cases taught us, yet, to proceed with caution?

  • MoreBronx

    I feel bad for the gay Utah fools who are falling for the story and raising all that money for him.

  • Jaroslaw

    Daniel Villareal – do you care to weigh in here on this? I actually called the paper and the bar to find out if an online website to donate was legit. Now I don’t know what to do.

  • Jaroslaw

    sorry, meant to add neither the bar nor the paper called me back.

  • roger

    Im all for gay with guns, but if a gay guy kills a would be basher a arrest would be immediate. thats the one thing we can count on the police to do.

  • roger

    gays and lesbian, trans all over the country should be filing for concealed gun permits in every state. when gay groups start getting their permits in mass numbers it will get the attention of the politicians and send the message we have had it and will defend ourselves

  • simply_T

    This is so fucked up. Had the other guy had been straight it would have been reported but because he’s gay they don’t think he should have equal justice. And as for the reports on Dane’s case I would ask to see them to make sure they really did file it. Whoever the people are who did that should be ashamed. Man people are ignorant.

  • simply_T

    This is so fucked up. Had the other guy had been straight it would have been reported but because he’s gay they don’t think he should have equal justice. And as for the reports on Dane’s case I would ask to see the case file to make sure they really did file it. Whoever the people are who did that should be ashamed. Man people are ignorant.

  • simply_T

    This is so fucked up. Had the other guy had been straight it would have been reported but because he’s gay they don’t think he should have equal justice. And as for the reports on Dane’s case I would ask to see the case file to make sure they really did file it. Whoever the people are who did that should be ashamed. Man people are ignorant.

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