Gay BashingS

Adorable Otter Curb-Stomped In Brutal Salt Lake Attack

Every Friday 20-year-old Salt Lake City resident Dane Hall attended the gay Friday night party at Club Sound. When he left, four men approached him and began yelling “faggot” before they punched him in the back of the head, grabbed his shirt and began punching Hall repeatedly in the face. When Hall fell to the ground, one of his attackers put his open mouth on the curb and curb stomped him, knocking out six of his teeth, shattering his cheekbone, breaking his jaw in three places, and jamming a piece of his jawbone in his brain. Two other attackers repeatedly kicked Hall in the stomach before stealing his ID and $40 and running away.

Surprisingly, Hall is not dead.

He has spent 5 days in the hospital and faces medical bills totaling more than $30,000 unless he can find his assailants and make them pay. He’s offered a $10,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest, but so far the police have no leads or suspects.

What’s especially fucked is that this is the second gay-bashing since April to happen outside of Club Sound. The first left 21-year-old Jordan Corona with a concussion and though his phone was stolen, police made no arrests in that case either. Hall has recommended that the club install video cameras to help prevent future bashings in what could be a recurring pattern.

Q Salt Lake adds that if you wanna help Hall:

Anyone with information about the assailants or any possible leads are being asked to call the Salt Lake Police Department at 801-799-3000. A fund has been established at Zions Bank to help with Hall’s medical costs. Simply ask to donate to the ‘Dane Hall Fund’ at any bank branch or call 801-524-4972. Metro Bar, which is across the street from Club Sound, will also be hosting a fundraiser and raffle for Hall on Saturday night. For more information, go to the the Metro Bar Facebook Page.

You can also see video of Hall and more info of the attack here. During one point in the broadcast, Hall talks about how he started crying because he won’t be able to eat solid foods for ten weeks and all he wants is a bowl of cereal.

Images used with permission of Q Salt Lake