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Adorable gay athlete couple profiled in heartwarming new docuseries

Brad Neumann and Justin Rabon both attend University of Minnesota. They both run on the school’s track team. They both love Beyoncé. They’re both gay. And they’re both in love… with each other!

Now, the guys are the subject of a new docuseries called GenerationQ after their story went viral earlier this year.

“This documentary series is important to me for many reasons,” filmmaker Alec Fischer tells Outsports. “I think the biggest revolves around the concept of representation. In my own experience, the types of stories being told with this project weren’t available anywhere when I was growing up as a closeted gay teenager.”

GenerationQ aims to tell the stories about LGBTQ people that aren’t being told.

Fischer explains:

The pilot season of GenerationQ presents diverse stories from the Midwest in ways that have the ability to break down barriers, eradicate stigma and combat ignorance through understanding. If a younger person questioning their identity can see themselves represented in the stories being told through this series, my hope is that they will be able to feel affirmed and loved for who they are regardless of their current environment.

Check out the trailer.

Scroll down for adorable pics from the guys’ Instagram pages…

When he says he wants Taco Bell for dinner too ? · · · · · · · ?: Easton Green/MN Daily

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First outdoor meet was a great indicator for this upcoming season. Gopher Takeover! ???? #sb2016

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Thanks for lettin' me lean on ya all the time ?

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Happiest Valentines Day yet ?

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Wouldn't want to climb a cliff with anyone else ? · · · · ·(Excluding Beyoncé)

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