Adore Delano Tried to Stage Dive and Failed. You Have to Watch This.

Adore Delano Stage Dive Fail RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6
In the latest episode of Courtney Act’s video tour diary, ‘Courtney Chronicles,’ Courtney shares an interesting clip of Adore Delano’s stage dive fail in Vancouver, Canada during their 2014 Pride celebration.

At 4:20 into the video below, Adore attempts to run off the stage and crowd surf. The audience, however, instead of accepting the challenge, decide to split like the Red Sea and Adore fell right through them. Thankfully she was alright, but she did suffer a bit of a bloody scrape on her knee. Adore’s reaction backstage was hilarious: “I feel so sad because I loved that skin.”

Also featured in the episode are Jiggly Caliente, Ivy Winters, Rhea Litré, Bianca Del Rio, Pandora Boxx and more! Watch the full episode below and don’t forget to subscribe to Courtney’s channel on YouTube.

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