Watch: Adore Delano is a Creepy Stalker in New 'Hello, I Love You' Music Video

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Have you ever been on a first date with somebody who then proceeded to text message you and call you so much afterward that you seriously thought they might have mental problems? Or many you were even that obsessive person? If so, Adore Delano‘s new music video ‘Hello, I Love You’ will seem eerily relatable. The music video is Adore’s fourth off of her debut album ‘Till Death Do Us Party’.

The song and video tell the story of a young girl who calls and stalks a young man obsessively. Not only does she call him over and over, she also watches him out her bedroom window, has a scary amount of pictures of him that she cuts up for a shrine, follows him around without him knowing, writes precious love notes in a personal notebook and even calls his mother to leave a message. Can you say restraining order?

The lyrics of this video are hilarious, and the bubblegum pink color scheme remind us of Katy Perry’s ‘California Girls’ music video.

Hello, Adore Delano, we love this new music video.

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If you’re curious about the inspiration about what Adore thinks of this song, here’s a clip from her series ‘Let the Music Play’ in which she breaks down here album, track by track.