Adore Delano Nominated for 'Drag Queen of the Year' LGBT Hero Award

Adore Delano Garrett Matthew Red Hair & Lips
Image Credit: Garrett Matthew

Adore Delano has been nominated as one of eight drag queens for ‘Drag Queen of the Year’ for the 2nd annual LGBT Hero Award!

Starting yesterday (July 22), fans can vote once per day for all 16 categories on the award website, including ‘Trans Person of the Year’, ‘Performer/Comedian of the Year’, ‘Makeup Artist of the Year’ and more.

Adore has nominated alongside Chico’s Angels, Tarance Artis, Billy Barbie, Melissa Befierce, AnealPleasures, Dean DeSain, Jorge Hernandez and Ronnie Scharffel.

The winners will be announced live in Hollywood at the Hollywood Arena on September 18 at 7pm PT and we’re pretty certain that Adore will win….

“The LGBT Hero Awards is an annual ceremony that recognizes the accomplishments of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender individuals who have dedicated their lives to the world of entertainment, art and community, politics, public health, and business. The annual ceremony also recognizes the efforts and contributions of celebrities and personalities who are allies of the LGBT community.”

Hop on over to the nominee list right now to cast your vote!

Thanks to @FrostBlossoms on Twitter for sharing this news!

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