Watch: Adore Delano Openly Admits She Wants Plastic Surgery in OutTV Interview

In a new interview with OutTV, RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 star Adore Delano admits that she loves plastic surgery and says she may even be planning to get some work done soon.

In the interview, when Adore comments on how she wants to become more famous, the interviewer says, “I think it will work,” to which Adore jokingly responds, “I hope so. A lot of plastic surgery. I want to look like Pete Burns.”

The interviewer then comments that she doesn’t think Adore should have plastic surgery, but Adore responds, “I want to though….I love plastic surgery. I’m not gonna probably get any – I’ll probably get something. I’m getting something in December. I’m getting my nose done in December. Yes, I am. It’s gonna look like JLo’s nose and I’m gonna sing ‘My Love Don’t Cost a Thing,’ just $7,000 in Beverly Hills.”

While it does seem that Adore’s comment about getting work done in December are serious, it’s really hard to tell with the way that the video was edited at the end of this comment. For now, take this with a grain of salt and wait until next year to see if Adore reveals a new nose in 2015.

Although we think Adore is perfect as she is now, she has every right to do what makes her happy. And either way, she is still going to be fierce as hell!

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