Adore Delano's Response to 'Crazy People' is Perfect!

Adore Delano Money Photo Facebook

Adore Delano, who recently posted the controversial photo above of what looks like it could be one or two thousand dollars, has deleted the photo from her social channels due to “crazy people feeling special and grand about the whole situation.”

She responded on Facebook with this well-said status:

[quote]I have deleted the picture of me sitting with MY MONEY that I WORKED MY ASS OFF FOR due to crazy ass people feeling special and grand about the whole situation.. Here’s the tea and coffee of it, bitch.. My money got wet while traveling and my cousin and I laid it all out to dry.. We thought it looked funny (like we robbed a bank) so we decided to take a picture and post it. I never knew people would get offended by someone posting a picture of their OWN MONEY.. & yes most of you are correct I am very immature at times but I’ll take immature over acting like I got a mop stuck up my ass.. So lighten up & stop taking life so damn serious! xxx”[/quote]

In addition to the post having more than 10,000 likes at the time this article was written, the photos that commenters have left really help to bring Adore’s point full circle. Here are some of the best:

Post Whatever I want

People Judging

So Stupid Meme

Haters Gonna Hate Meme

Bianca Del Rio Not Today, Satan

Adore Delano Gives no Fucks

Offended Meme

Adore Delano Azusa Stab a bitch

2010 Flashback: You can’t afford that!

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