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Here’s A Nod To Both Pitchers And Catchers


If you like underwear that gets right to the point, the Curbwear Identity Line sees things the way you do, and so does Adrian C. Martin. For this photo shoot, he photographs model and tattoo artist Airam Castedo in the different pairs of Curbwear Identity Briefs. We aren’t much for guessing games, and Airam’s confusing underwear choices have us playing along. All we want to know is which bunk he prefers.

Underwear styles in the Curbwear Identity line have waistbands that answer life’s most important question: top, bottom, or versatile? Other looks in the line provide more complete answers such as “blow me,” “power bottom,” and “circuit boy.” Each pair Airam wears has a waistband and seams that contrast a solid white brief. Seams are used to contour the pouches center as well as to add definition to the sides. The added support is something pitchers and catchers will both appreciate.

You can see more of this photo shoot on The Underwear Expert.

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Photo Credit: Adrian C. Martin