Oh Adrianne!

Adrianne Curry is White Trash—And Per Her Own Definitions, Gay and a Tad Retarded

Adrianne Curry is usually A-OK in our book.

Though we knew little about her before she won the first season of America’s Next Top Model, we’ve since learned that the allegedly bisexual model defends a woman’s right to choose, supports same-sex marriage, and swears that if she were President, she’d legalize or at least regulate, prostitution and drugs. And, per a Tweet and accompanying shot of her bedazzled bust on Thursday afternoon, we also found out that she’s “white trash with money.”

We don’t even begrudge her for the multiple seasons of My Fair Brady or the unintentionally funny ads she did as the spokeswoman for The Flex Belt, though there’s no way we believe she ever regularly used that thing.

Make that money while you can, girlfriend.

But we do take issue with Curry’s recent Facebook Note, “Gay Retarded Fag,” in which she appears to be alarmed by the phenomenon of people campaigning to make others stop using the words, well, “gay,” “retarded” and “fag.”

In her note, Curry argues that these terms have been have been “hijacked” and have taken on newer, less potent definitions. She continues:

“yet people claim they STILL mean

Gay = homosexual

Retarded-someone with Downs or impaired in some way

Fag= slur for homosexual

Yet, two of these words no longer hold their original meaning


Faggot=wood…a faggot of wood

So, it was ok to originally hijack them to make them mean something else….but we can’t do it again? We can’t now change their meanings to something different…something less offensive?”

Curry’s Facebook fans chimed in and Curry then added more brilliance in the comments:

“so what if the word rape…or drugs…hurts me? Dont you understand…you cannot bend society to make YOU more comfortable? its such a selfish thing to ask…if you have a CLOSE FRIEND who says something that hurts you…fine…but to expect other to not say “your so gay” when someone is being lame just cause you dont like it? Eh”

Sure, Curry is far from the enemy when it comes to LGBT rights. There are scores of people who happily and frequently use much nastier rhetoric to whip up a mass homophobic fervor. But wouldn’t it be nice if an ally like her could stop decrying oversensitivity and realize that there are plenty of words that could be used as substitutes that are less-rooted in intolerance, instead of pretending to be an ignorant bitch?

And of course, with the rampant hijacking of words going on, when we say “bitch” we’re using the Merriam-Webster definition: “a malicious, spiteful or overbearing woman.”

Image via Adrianne Curry

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  • Mike

    Are we surprised? Half the time she sounds like she’s on drugs.

  • JayKay


  • Cam

    “”Dont you understand…you cannot bend society to make YOU more comfortable?””

    Um….actually you can. The decisions of Brown v. Board of Education, Loving V. VA. etc… were all about bending society to make an oppressed minority’s lives more comfortable.

    This isn’t nearly as large a deal, but I”m just pointing out to her that that is exactly what laws, morals, etc… are all about.

    Her comments kind of sound like what people would say when they’re sitting around high, and think they’re brilliant. I actually usually like her crazy ass but think she’s off base here.

  • MEJ

    I wonder how she feels about the word cunt.

  • Brandon H

    Isn’t this the bitch who married the guy from the Brady Bunch?

    Why do we even give a shit about what she has to say?

  • jason

    Adrianne Curry looks like a boner dyke. I don’t like these women at all. Usually, they’re fakes. Their sexuality is often a sop to the sleazy straight guy fantasy for girl-girl action. I wonder how Curry would feel if I referred to her as a cunt.

  • LandStander

    Wow. “Stop decrying oversensitivity you ignorant bitch.” Yes, that is definitely the way to react and get your point across.

  • Shannon1981

    She’s gay and married to a man. Nuff said. That right there is enough to make me think there’s something not quite right about her…

  • Cam


    Hi Shannon, IS that true?? She’s gay???

  • Shannon1981

    @Cam: I watched that season of ANTM. She was the token dyke. Basically showing that you can overcome the stereotypes and be a picture of femininity and win and all that jazz. Now…she COULD be bi. But I don’t think so…

  • Mike

    @Shannon1981: There was an actual rather butch lesbian on that season, and it was Ebony, not Adrianne.

  • Shannon1981

    @Mike: I remember Ebony, but Adrianne was basically the token trailer trash waitress dyke from the sticks.

  • Alex Sarmiento

    Tyra Banks and Adrianne Curry had a huge fall-out in 2005, when Adrianne was interviewed for some magazine and revealed that she hadn’t gotten what she should have from winning ANTM. Tyra took offense, and hasn’t spoken about her since, not on the show or to anyone in public. I remember a few years ago, when Cynthia McFadden interviewed Miss Tyra for Nightline, and she brought up the allegations that the prizes and opportunities for the contestants led nowhere, and Miss Tyra flat-out refused to comment. Some people think that Tyra’s biggest regret was to give the title to Adrianne.

  • j

    @Queerty If she’s bisexual, she’s not an “ally”. There’s a “B” in LGBT, in case it slipped your mind. And allegedly? Really?

  • jason

    I don’t like these women who try to endear themselves to GLBT people while at the same marketing themselves to the sleazy straight guy fantasy.

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