Ads To Bring Older Gays Out From Underground

Gray gays are getting lots of love as of late.

Non-profit Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders received serious press last week when the AP ran a story on a conference on elderly gay folk, a conference SAGE is co-hosting with the AARP.

Today comes word that SAGE will soon take even more steps to highlight the older generations’ ongoing existence:

Portraits of gay and lesbian seniors will soon adorn New York City subways and buses as part of an advocacy organization’s campaign.

The $350,000 campaign is backed by SAGE.

The organization’s executive director, Michael Adams, says that elderly people in the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community are “invisible.”

Sixty-one-year-old Gregory Terry says he hopes the ad campaign will change the perception of gay seniors as an “oddity.”

The English and Spanish ads feature the motto, “There’s no expiration date on a full, active life.”

Well, there is, but one never does know their own date. Thankfully – that would be stressful!

Meanwhile, how awesome is this 82-year old?

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  • Paul Raposo

    I’m glad SAGE has decided to tackle this head-on. If I meet one more 20 year old–or 35 year old for that matter–who doesn’t think they will one day be old and grey, I’ll vomit.

    And that SAGE had a conference with the AARP is fantastic. Being crotchity knows no sexuality, or gender 8^)

    And yes, the old guy in the pic is brilliant!

  • Okie

    Finally, a story that makes me feel young.


    What a cutie the man in the pic is. We do need to care more for our elders, not only do they often than not find themselves alone and without a family but they continue to be ostracize by those of their same generation.

    Adopt a GLBT Elder, not only will you be giving them love but you will be receiving so much wisdom through their life experiences in return that you will be left a richer person.

  • Kree

    Awesomeness knows no age limit(see above pic for proof).

    Self-inflicted age segregation within the GLBT community needs to stop! I would love to see S.A.G.E. come to Miami.

  • M Shane

    Gay people have generaly lost track of the fact that in generating an authentic identity, they lose connection with the ideals of the straight world, which is significantly different than ours. growing up and becoming adults we need to develope extended families., which include young people, who are just coming out and older people who do not cease to be gay because they get older, and need the affection and recognition of others who are gay.
    The fact is that everyone becomes older, and no matter how attractive they may have been
    become less attractive, but are still very much in need of affection from other younger persons, even though that doesn’t involve sex.
    People need love and recognition. I think that younger people need to realize that they willl recieve the same kind of treatment that they give. This is a community. Likewise older people need to recognise that they have a duty to help younger persons come out and have sucessfull lives.

  • Charles J. Mueller

    I hold claim to 72 years of being gay and that photo of the 82 year old man brought tears to my eyes.

    Not tears of sadness, but tears of gratefulness and appreciation for how beautiful I think he is.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

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    A Father.

    A Son.

    An American Dynasty.

    See The Trailer!


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