State of Denial

Adult film star Michael Lucas fires publicist who announced tell-all book revealing A-list clients

Gay adult film star Michael Lucas denies he will write a tell-all autobiography naming his celebrity clients.

The news comes shortly after Lucas’ publicist announced that the performer and sometime prostitute will retire from working on-camera in 2020. Lucas, the owner of the New York-based Lucas Entertainment, will continue to produce and direct gay porn films following his withdrawal. In the same statement, the publicist also said that Lucas will also disclose the names of famous celebrity clients from his days as a prostitute in the 1990s in a forthcoming book.

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Lucas has denied the announcement via a statement on Twitter. “The story that ran today,” Lucas said, “and attributed to me by former publicist is absolutely false…I would ever write or consider writing a ‘tell all’ book and naming names of my clients. I consider that relationship sacred and I would NEVER violate their confidence or my integrity. Period.”

Lucas also added that he intends to fire his publicist.

The gay porn mogul is no stranger to controversy. In 2015, he tweeted out hateful comments against Muslims. That same year, an AirBnB host sued Lucas for $30,000 after he allegedly trashed a rental home during a porn shoot.