Drip dry

This adult site’s most popular star announces his imminent retirement due to addiction issues

Collin Simpson, gay porn, Gay Hooplah, muscle jock, bisexual
(image via Gayhooplah)

Collin Simpson, the #1 most popular performer on the adult site Gayhoopla, recently announced his possible retirement from the site (link NSFW).

In a tweet thread posted yesterday, Simpson wrote:

“Well, everybody, I had a good 3 year run, but I may no longer be doing porn. Gayhoopla no longer wants to shoot me for two reasons: I have shot too many scenes, over 30 of which are unreleased. I have been struggling with addiction for the last few months, affecting the quality of my work.

I’ve never spent any money from my fans on illicit substances. Because of my battle with addiction, Gayhoopla no longer wants to honor our contract and won’t allow me the monthly rent allowance for fear of enabling my addiction even though that money goes straight to rent and nothing else.

My car that I just scraped up enough money to buy took a sh*t and died. The engine seized due to lack of oil. The oil light didn’t come on, and even though I had checked the oil this morning and it was fine, over the course of driving it leaked out.”

So this may be my farewell, unless I can get work with another company.”

Simpson also wrote, “Because of these things my porn career may be coming to an end. I’m currently in the process of getting help, but it’s too little too late. Sorry I let you all down, I’ll do my best to come back better than ever.”

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Simpson has appeared in over 40 scenes on the site as a versatile performer. A well-known gay adult industry news site has reached out to Gayhooplah for comment. We’ll update this story if they respond.

In May 2018, Simpson came out as a bisexual (and a size queen), writing, “I don’t like to label myself, however if I had to say for certain, I’m bisexual with a preference for women. I am sexually attracted to men, but I have yet to experience love for another man like I have had for a woman…. This could just as easily happen to me with a man, and I’m very curious to see what, the real aspect of having a male partner is like.”

He added, “That being said, I HAVE had relations with a man outside of work and, in fact, am searching for my next partner. I prefer a high level of muscularity; clean cut with tasteful tattoos and a huge c*ck!”