Pep talk

Advice in a post-Trump world: Have sex. Have lots and lots of queer sex.

A lot of our friends are suffering insomnia right now. So are we. Perhaps, in the back of our minds, we’re trying to hammer out exactly what to do with ourselves; how to actively exist, live, and create day-to-day in a post-Trump world.

It’s something we’ll have to figure out every morning for the next four years, as we wade through that hour’s fresh cesspool of “alternative truths” and misdirecting tweets. That’s not the morning most of us want to wake up to everyday, but here we are.

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Well, not a moment too soon, here’s a reassuring pep talk from LGBTQ historian Tim McCarthy, who, in an interview with Davey Wavey, tells us exactly what we should all be doing with ourselves:

Have sex. Have lots and lots and lots of sex. Sex has always been a revolutionary act, especially queer sex. It both honors the protest that’s required to stand up to the world around us, but it also honors and validates who we are. So, number one, if that’s all you can do, you’re still doing a great thing, okay?

Okay, we’ll get on that.

The interview — which covers an unbelievable amount of ground in two minutes — should be seen in its entirely, so here it is: