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“The Advocate” knew about Kevin Spacey’s encounter with Anthony Rapp, but kept quiet. Here’s why.

“Of course, many close friends knew of Rapp’s encounter with the actor in the 1980s, including some of us in the media. But what could be done with that story? There were only two people in the room, they had never met again and no parade of additional accusers was forthcoming — so, right or wrong, we told ourselves we could not report it.

In keeping with The Advocate’s ‘no outing’ policy, when Rapp related the entire incident to writer Dennis Hensley in 2001, we removed Spacey’s name and identifying details. Rapp understood the decision, and he didn’t share the story again via the news media until now.”Bruce Steele,  a former editor at Out magazine, in an op-ed published in The Citizen-Times that attempts to explain why they didn’t come forward with Rapp’s allegations in 2001.

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