AFA Enraged Over Gay Couples In Arlington, Claims U.S. Security Is “In Danger”

arlington_national_cemeteryGay soldiers may have won the right to serve openly in the military, but groups in dissent are still stirring the pot and have proven they’ll literally take this issue to their graves.

In a memo released yesterday by an Assistant to the Secretary of Defense, the Department of Defense reports the implementation of the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is “essentially completed.” The announcement also published a list of “20 educational, survivor, and travel and transportation benefits” that are now open to same-sex spouses of service members, one of which includes the honor of being buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

The American Family Association is enraged at the thought of gay couples eternally lying in the hallowed grounds of Arlington, and posted a call-to-action on their website accusing Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta of “exposing the military to open homosexuality, which presents an unacceptable risk to good order, discipline, morale and unit cohesion.”

The Association—which prides itself on promoting “traditional values”—has urged people to contact members of Congress to let them know they’ve “allowed the security of our nation to be endangered by focusing on social experimentation.”

We’re not sure how a lifeless body could present an unacceptable risk to good order, but then again, the American Family Association is just that.

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  • JoeWatchesTV

    So to the people (like me) who have said, “These hate groups will not be happy until we’re all dead,” know that dead isn’t even good enough for them.

    They aren’t even happy when we’re dead.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    The haters are really hitting a low point. It makes me feel sorry for them. They will be the ones explaining themselves, when all is said and done. It really is so unpleasant. Love is love and hate is hate, no matter how right you feel.

  • Michael

    Sorry, Mr. Tharrett, but you’re wrong. Panetta did NOT include permission to bury one’s
    same sex partner in Arlington or any other military cemetery. They probably eventually
    will, but, for now, it’s a benefit they’re “still studying.”

  • hudson

    for these people, the sky wil always be falling down- even when it doesn’t. sad

  • Billysees

    The very dark, very fanatical, very extremist and very radical side of politics and religion is real.

    See for yourself —

  • Billysees

    Peddlers of “unprofitable values” for fame or gain will do and say anything.

    Just repeat the same refrains over and over to their unchanging followers.

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