AFA Ford Boycott, Take 2


Feel like you just read about the American Family Association boycotting the Ford Motor Company, like, just yesterday? While it wasn’t days ago, it was only a few short months back. Yes, the AFA has reinstated their boycott. And this time they’re bringing along 44 of their best (read: homophobic) friends – organizations all seemingly with either “family” or “marriage” in their names. All because Ford is still supporting the gay community.

They’ve also added an entire laundry list of specific reasons as to why they’re so ticked at Ford.

One of the reasons listed is Ford’s sponsorship of the London Mardi Gras. And, in order to show to their angelic supporters the debaucheries of gays they don’t link to just any old Mardi Gras site. They link to a gay porn site.

We just wonder why is the American Family Association so concerned about what happens in the United Kingdom?

Still, we’re glad the AFA is back in the news. They’d been so quiet after their Book of Daniel boycott, that we were starting to worry. We’ve missed them so.

Boycott Ford [Official Site]

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