AFA Needs A Prayer

The American Family Association is up to their boycott tricks once again, this time targeting Swedish home goods and homo-lovers, IKEA. It seems the AFA doesn’t approve of the retailers use of homos in their commercials and thinks they’re trying to import more than just affordable beds. Okay, whatever, we’re not shocked, scandalized or even really that intrigued – AFA boycotts are a dime-a-dozen these days. (They’ve even recently rejuvenated their age old Ford boycott.)

Anyway, after reading the story, we thought we’d head on over to the AFA’s website to poke around a little. We were particularly intrigued by one section: Pray for AFA, on which they implore their readers:

We believe prayer is the chief catalyst God uses to accomplish His purposes in the earth.

We’re looking for faithful volunteers who will take just a few minutes each day to pray for the needs and concerns of American Family Association. Our goal is to have a 24/7 nationwide team of prayer partners.

They then have a link through which you can add your name to their totally self-righteous army. We clicked on through to see what that page had to say – not much, really, but we were a little surprised by the amount of time each volunteer must commit: one solid, uninterrupted hour!

It seemed like a hefty holy request at first, until we read their prayer concerns, which includes this:

American Family Association continues to come under attack from the homosexual community. We are considered to be hate-mongers and have been compared to Nazis. Nothing, of course, could be further from the truth. It is precisely because we love those trapped in the bondage of homosexuality that we are willing to speak the truth of the gospel to them. We ask you to intercede that God will continue to deliver and heal homosexuals.

Yeah, they’re totally not Nazis, dudes. They have no loyalty to the National Socialists. It’s a pure coincidence that they share many of the same political ideologies.

As for the AFA praying “that God will continue to deliver and heal homosexuals” – no thanks, we’re doing just fine on our own.

(Image from Justin Hampton.)