AFA Takes On Ford Ad Adjacent To Tom Ford In ‘Out’

The American Family Association has some bald-eagle eyes! We never would have noticed the Volvo C-30’s well-placed ad next to Tom Ford’s Out-sponsored tush!

As part of their never-ending mission to rundown Ford Motor’s sales, the AFA continues to highlight Ford’s protracted relationship with the gay glossy. Note how AFA toots their own horn:

Sales of Ford automobiles were flat in November, rising only 0.4 percent when compared to sales during November 2006. Since AFA began a boycott of Ford in March 2006, sales have dropped in 18 of the 21 months. Ford suffered a 12.1 percent loss for the year.

Ford continued to show support for the homosexual agenda, running a full page ad in the Dec. 07 – Jan. 08 homosexual publication Out! The ad, for Ford’s Volvo brand, was adjacent to a photo of three men taking a shower together.

The non-profit then provides a link to the “graphic and explicit” picture you see above. We hardly find that graphic or explicit. It’s pretty tame compared to a lot of the stuff that comes across our desk.

Can you imagine if the AFA saw Ford’s other work?