AFA Warns Of Homo Invasion

The American Family Association takes sexual panic to cinematic heights with their new video, They’re Coming To Your Town. Says the right wing non-profit:

Residents of the small Arkansas town of Eureka Springs noticed the homosexual community was growing. But they felt no threat. They went about their business as usual. Then, one day, they woke up to discover that their beloved Eureka Springs, a community which was known far and wide as a center for Christian entertainment–had changed. The City Council had been taken over by a small group of homosexual activists.

The Eureka Springs they knew is gone. It is now a national hub for homosexuals. Eureka Springs is becoming the San Francisco of Arkansas. The story of how this happened is told in the new AFA DVD They’re Coming To Your Town.

And it’s a steal for only $14.95 – and your soul!

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  • ESAR

    Great trailer. Can’t wait for the movie. Yes, down here at takeover headquarters, we’re pretty thrilled that the AFA and their millions of supporters and dollars are doing such a bang up, wide stance job of getting the word out that Eureka Springs, AR is the new Castro.

    And being the only town in the South to offer a Domestic Partnership Registry, well Eureka! Hell, yes, you found it!

    You can find the whole gay takeover agenda here:

    Thanks AFA – You rock!

  • ee.em.bee

    “the San Francisco of Arkansas”? “a national hub for homosexuals”?? With all due respect to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, which I admittedly have never vistited (or heard of before this posting)…what the fuck?

    OK, so it looks like Eureka Springs is a lovely town, a “patch of blue in a field of red” according to Out Traveler, and a place where everyone seems to be more or less getting along just fine with each other.

    The AFA are just demonstrating their cluelessness about pretty much anything. It’s hardly as if there’s some Evil Master Plan for homos to move into godfearing communities and release the go-go boys. (Or if there is a Plan, why am I not aware of it? Can I get on the mailing list, please?)

    These people are utterly ridiculous. If they weren’t so monied and powerful and terribly dangerous, I’d say we should just ignore them. Unfortunately, we can’t.

  • beefy

    Wow- we really do need to start up this mob that those right wingnuts have been talking about lately!

    I mean seriously people! They make it sound like we’re kicking screaming babies from their homes!

    I love that people like that sterotype gay men as weak, and then turn around and make a video spinning gays as the rape and pillage the village types. Hilarious.

  • Steve Pryor

    I guess now it’s time to substitute gay for black. I remember when racists talked about how blacks were trying to take over.

  • ESAR

    It’s Ok..really it is. The AFA has done more for Eureka Springs, AR than could ever be imagined.

    While Eureka has always had a large gay population, over the last 6 months, folks are flocking (as in Pink Flamingo flocking) to live, buy vacation homes, and enjoy high end, upper scale, urban living in a safe and gorgeous place..not to mention the property taxes are CHEAP.

    It’s Ok there is a 7 story supposed-to-be Jesus statue on the least he’s in a dress.

    and oh…ee.em.bee – come visit’ll be saying more than ‘what the fuck’…more like ‘fuck, i should have come here long ago.

    More news on Eureka WTF Springs at

    Yes, by gosh, the takeover has just begun.

  • ee.em.bee

    ESAR, really, I meant no disrespect to Eureka Springs!! It really does look charming and peaceable. It’s just that the ninnies at AFA are so…hysterical.

    And I may take you up on that invite and drag my partner to Eureak WTF Springs just to see the New Gay Mecca for ourselves (seriously, SF is so last-century)

  • hells kitchen guy

    $14.95? It’s worth a million. This is going to become the “Reefer Madness” of the new millenium

  • ufreeka

    No. 2 ee.em.bee says:
    “the San Francisco of Arkansas”? “a national hub for homosexuals”?? With all due respect to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, which I admittedly have never vistited (or heard of before this posting)…what the fuck?”

    ee.em.bee needs to get out more. really. it would erase some misconceptions and stereotypes.

    places in the south like eureka springs really do exist – where gays are openly welcomed and accepted.

    in eureka, you aren’t looked at as gay, straight or bi. you’re just YOU.

  • ArkansasTraveler

    Both in terms of a travel destination and a place to live, Eureka Springs, AR is probably the best kept gay secret in the country. Comparable to the Russian River (we have lakes and mountains), there are more than 50-gay owned businesses (in a town of 2200 souls). The population is between 20-30 percent G/L. City clerk, building inspector, transit director, chairman of the historic district are G/L individuals. We have four Diversity Weekends a year, which draw thousands of gay and gay-friendly tourists, our own Mardi Gras and–the item that irks the AFA the most–the only Domestic Partnership Registry in Arkansas. In the last year alone, G/L couples and individuals from Chicago, Palm Springs, St.Pete, Santa Fe, Alburqueque have become residents after visiting as tourists.

    American Airlines has direct flights from most major cities. So, now that the AFA has endorsed the place, what’re y’all waiting for?

  • Tom Farrell

    Why move to Arkansas to live in a little island of tolerance in all the hatred, when you can move to Boston and have marriage rights and social acceptance?

  • Jason

    They should be horrified. Once the fags move the property values skyrocket and they’re going to be priced out of their homes.

  • james_boston

    Tom is right. Granted our weather kinda sucks, especially since it’s been below zero degrees for two days now but still…at least we’re not anywhere near the bible belt. And we have indoor heat nowadays. Really. And if you can’t afford indoor heat, Joe Kennedy of the famously Communist Kennedy family provides you with cheap oil heat in your home, courtesy of the famously Socialist government of Venezuela. Also, we have several wonderful states that act as a buffer between the bible belt and us in good ol’ Mass. So why would anyone, gay or straight, willingly move to Arkansas when we are right here?

    Someone please get a movement to secede from the South going already! We can’t live under the same Federal system as these people anymore!!

  • Cuir Vargas

    Wow, If I had known that you only need a small group of homosexual activists to take over a city I would’ve done that years ago at my hometown. Beware citizens of Cholula México, a small group of homosexual activists are coming to get you!!!

  • Jennifer

    Hey, Tom Farrell:

    Here’s why: because the United States of America invites people to thrive and go where they will and build communities together. People have lived side by side with difference in the USA for a long time. This is just one more. You are learning to live together with other people and sometimes, that’s not easy. It’s like sharing your toys with your little brother. You torment the little sucker until he cries, but deep down, you know he’s your brother and just for that, you love him.

    Eureka Springs was in the US, the last time I checked and I think pretty well any American citizen that has seen it’s a nice place can live there and build a life. Word of mouth and good reputation are a funny thing. They change demographics. There’s not much you can do about demographics, Mr. Farrell, because it’s just people and they can do what they want in a free country, where the integrity of the individual is assured.

  • ArkansasTraveler

    Thanks, Jennifer. I lived in Chicago’s Boystown for 15 years and loved. But deep down I craved mountains, lakes and rivers, places to hike and canoe, a log cabin on a mountain overlooking a lake, a small-town atmosphere, a warmer climate and–most importantly gay and gay-friendly neighbors. All of which I have in the improbable place of Eureka Springs, AR. Gay demographics ARE changing. The urban gay ghettos are no longer our only refuges. We can now–by choice–live comfortably and safely in smaller towns nationwide. Proportionately, Eureka Springs probably has more GLBT than Boston (20 percent is a conservative estimate); more gay-owned businesses too. Instead of one gay pride day a year, we have four Diversity Weekends a year. And there’s the Domestic Partnership Registry–the only one in the state SO FAR. Here, even in backwoods Arkansas, you can hold your lover’s hand in public, hug and kiss your friends in front of a restaurant and nobody’s gonna lob a beer bottle at you or sling a drive-by slur. Practically all of our nightclubs and bars are gay friendly–which explains why, tho we have gay-owned bars, none are exclusively gay. It may well be true that gay civil rights were launched and nurtured in America’s major cities. But lots of city folk–straight and gay–have migrated to small towns, taking with them their enlightened, progressive views and politics. Eureka Springs has been such a place since the 60s and 70s when the hippies and other misfits took refuge here, among them a substantial number of gay folk. The reason we’re drawing fire from the AFA now is because the movement to create a diverse community smack in the middle of the bible belt has worked so well.

    For those who prefer cities or suburbs, good for you. But you are doing yourself a disservice by maintaining an urban bias against the nation’s small town GLBTI. Especially the resort areas like Eureka Springs where you can experience a gay vacation in a safe, welcoming, gay and gay-friendly atmosphere. Provincetown, Key West, Palm Springs and the Russian River are not your only choices anymore, whether for a gay holiday or a place to live the kind of life you want to live.

  • Rex

    Could you imagine if they had a DVD “Black Invasion”…they’d NEVER get away with it! A DVD describing the Hidious and Insidious ways Blacks are taking over small towns. Pure Propagnada, and Bigotry…..well, they never have to worry about this Gay man going to thier way, no how!

  • ArkansasTraveler

    Uh, Rex? The AFA is not headquartered in Arkansas. It has simply chosen to target an Arkansas town for being politically and socially progressive enough to welcome GLBTI as residents and tourists, for having Diversity Weekends and a Domestic Partnership Registry.

    Withholding your vacation money from any gay travel destination because of what the AFA says about it, means they win.

  • don

    i have been to eureka springs. loved it, enjoyed the gay owned and operated B&B and the businesses we shopped in. enjoyed the passion play as well. , love my christian faith and believe GOD made everyone the way he wanted them. The 1st rule though of everyone is 1st do no harm. That means do not intentional hurt another living creature (emotionally or physically). If of age people chose to be together then stay out of it. However, children are not adults and preditors are doing harm and should be punished.

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