AFA’s Bryan Fischer Connects Colorado Dark Knight Shooting To Gays, Godlessness

Since there’s no proof the gunman who killed 12 people at a screening of The Dark Knight Rises was gay, Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association had to get creative to link the LGBT community to the senseless tragedy in Aurora, Colorado.

So he suggested gay organizations would protest the fact that Chick-fil-A was providing food to emergency crews on the scene.

“Chick-fil-A provides free meals to first responders in CO. Let’s see Big Gay demonize that,” he tweeted.

Not likely, but we’re sure if American Apparel was handing out jackets and blankets, the AFA would tell victims not to accept them.

Fischer also joined the cabal of Christian conservatives blaming the senseless massacre on America straying from Jesus. In a post on the AFA website today, he called the massacre part of  “the catastrophic consequences in American life” since the Supreme Court prohibited organized prayer in school.

Lord help us.

Source: The Advocate


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  • Kris

    I wonder what it means then that we live in the safest time in history.

  • Colin

    “Not likely, but we’re sure if American Apparel was handing out jackets and blankets, the AFA would tell victims not to accept them.”

    Complete b/s and irrelevant. I’m surprised this would even be written.

  • Paul

    1.) Please. Chick fil-A is trying to cover up for the bad PR they’ve gotten in the
    past few days. Gay people are going to protest the fact that Chick fil-A tried to
    help people in need. Hey, I hate Chick fil-A because of their policies, but I can’t
    harp on them for doing the right thing, even if I question their integrity.
    But let’s cut a little slack. But “demonizing” it? WTF???

    2.) It COMPLETELY astounds me that Christians don’t just get how ABSURD an “argument”
    like Fischer’s and makes them question their faith, their leaders of their faith, and
    what in God’s name they are doing in such a TWISTED cult as Christianity (Southern
    Baptist, whatever any of those whacked out organized religions are). That they would
    actually most likely nod their heads in agreement about this (which most likely many of
    these people will), and that fairy tales like this actually gets media attention, I
    will never, ever figure out.

    3.) Further proof that religion is absolutely the STUPIDEST thing on the planet.

  • nikz

    Guys….im kinda scared that religion in your country is just getting wayyy out of hand :S
    it’s getting extreme….you can’t really call this….cult…a religion…
    they have lost their minds!!

  • I won't grow up

    I’ve watched a lot of media today a visited most news web sights about this shooting in Colorado. Your web sight is the ONLY one to even mention this man and his organization. Why have you given him a forum to spew his hate? Dangerous people should not be ignored but this is not the forum. No one would have read this nut job statement if you had not broadcast it.

  • B

    Queerty claimed that “Fischer also joined the cabal of Christian conservatives blaming the senseless massacre on America straying from Jesus.”

    Well, the Christian conservatives have a point – if that psycho had been spending every minute he could on his knees before Jesus, the hot guy who works at Lord and Taylor, …. oh, my bad. That would make Jesus gay and the Christian conservatives would have a fit at the suggestion, even though it is obviously a different Jesus.

  • Jim H.

    Well, that took all of twelve seconds. What in the hell is “Big Gay” though?

  • jj

    Wow. just wow. Something like this would only be tolerated in America.

  • Larkin

    @Jim H.: He’s a bear. His name is Tony and he sits on the third stool, double reinforced with lug nuts. He say his weight is glandular!

    Oh, and he also plots everyone of our activist moves on the agenda.

    Go Tony!

  • Codswallop

    You know, whenever anything bad happens it’s not a question of IF this shitbird is going to somehow blame the gay community for it, but when and how. If Queerty and other gay web sites absolutely must document every verbal bowel movement Bryan Fisher has, why not at least mix it up a little and make it interesting? Turn them into Mad-Libs or a guessing game, with the poster who guesses the convoluted horseshit reason gays are at fault correctly winning a prize. Oh, and let the guy who does the True Blood recaps do AFA recaps too. Bryan would look so much better as a stick figure.

  • Chad

    This man makes me sick. This is a national tragedy and he wants to make it into his own personal attack on gays. Why are gay people ALWAYS his topic of discussion.

  • Michael

    @Colin: It’s not BS and if you paid any sort of attention to the real world, you’d know that.

  • Timmeeeyyy!!!

    Bryan Fischer, stop using the coffins of the shooting victims as your soapbox. Step down now.

  • Elloreigh

    Actually, GOP rep Louis Gohmert was almost as nutty, blaming the shooting on attacks on Judeo-Christian values and questioning why no one had a gun on them with which to challenge the shooter.

    And ABC news trying to link the shooting to the Tea Party with what can only be characterized as an incredible disregard for journalistic integrity.

    Then came the cries from the other side of “No, he’s a Democrat!” and “He’s connected to OWS!”

    Seriously, I don’t care what the shooter’s politics were. It’s a tragedy. What part of that don’t the media and politicians get? It’s not something to be exploited for political gain. Truly disgusting.

  • Dionte

    That fictional book has caused so much damage to society.

  • Alex

    So a bunch of innocent people died. How about them evil gays? Honestly this guy could pass away from exploding from all the hot air he holds and I doubt anyone would care or bat an eye.

  • Belize

    @Colin: “Complete b/s and irrelevant. I’m surprised this would even be written.”

    I’m not surprised you are responding to something that’s “irrelevant.”

    I think it’s kind of sad that right wing nutjobs can’t pay a more creative parrot to troll LGBT websites. :)

  • nineinchnail

    These god fearing American idiots make me laugh. Proof that religion is, in fact, EVIL!!

  • James

    What a fucking dick. People die and this prick uses it as an excuse to talk shit. Arsehole.

  • Wes

    It’s funny, you can almost hear his I.Q. rapidly declining as you read it, but nobody gives a shit.

    I admire Chik-Fil-a for doing something selfless (for once) and giving to those in need, but really? Demonize? Does this man think we’re so desperate to get on the hater-ade bandwagon that we’d lash out in a time of public sorrow? No, we get that they’re trying to do some good and will get off their backs (for a while).

    This is one of the main reasons I CANNOT stand ORGANIZED religion. I say hey, if you and your family want to practice your religious/spiritual beliefs in your own time and place, I’m all for that, but if you’re going someplace where somewhere around 500-100 other people gather in the same place and you scheme and spout unenlightened bullshit about a demographic that’s done absolutely nothing to you, then you need to either A: get a fucking reality check and see what your actions are doing to an innocent minority group and to the nation, or B: Go fuck yourself.

  • Brandon

    Fisher is a big fat troll who loves to get the gays’ goat, and he’s doing a good job of it. Can’t you people see that he is playing you like a violin? Don’t fall for his ridiculous rantings and ignore, ignore, ignore.

  • steve

    fischer is a bottom-feeder. he draws his sustanence from shit that drizzles down to his level. Why even mention something that survives on slug shit.

  • nasty hos

    It’s “were.”

    As in:

    “…we’re sure if American Apparel WERE*** handing out jackets….”

  • Geri

    No offense, but you really do seem to have more than your fair share of lunatics in the USA.

  • Colin

    @Geri: No offense taken. Now what shithole country do you live in that relies on U.S. aid and has people flocking to the U.S.A.?

  • Daez

    According to the AP, his family went to church, so maybe there was a link between being raised to believe he was an evil being that needed to be on his knees to some supreme being that drove him insane.

    I think we should all step back and look at what is really to blame here…religion.

  • Daez

    @Colin: How can you be so incredibly ignorant. The people from Europe do not flock to the USA. Actually, it is quite the opposite (especially for gay people) since Europe is both more enlightened and currently better off financially than the USA (other than Greece which is turning to Germany for its bailouts not the USA). Also, people from Canada to not flock to the USA, again it is quite the opposite. The only people that “flock” to the USA are from third world countries in Middle America and even then they flock to Canada as well.

  • Colin

    @Daez: 1) I wasn’t talking to you. And 2) you are quite wrong in your migration/immigration statements. Now please get back to screwing your fuckbu…I mean boyfriend like a “rabbit.” Thanks.

  • Steve

    @Colin: Way to prove Geri’s point. I guess it’s better to have you getting your attention needs met here than in real life though. You’re a sad example for any thinking human being regardless of where you live. Quick now, make your hateful/pointless comment and move on.

  • Colin

    @Steve: “Quick now, make your hateful/pointless comment and move on.”

    Oh, the irony.

  • Daez

    @Colin: Care to post statistics? I bet you don’t, simply because of how wrong you are on them. You are right that the USA gets a great deal of immigrates, but since the 20th century those have been from third world countries? Do you honestly believe that the Repugs would be so insane about immigration reform if everyone was coming from Eastern Europe?

    Also, when you put a post on a public forum you are putting it out there for everyone to see. You are right that you were not “talking” to me though, because you can not talk by using a keyboard.

  • Colin

    @Daez: First of all, I didn’t say anything about Europe or Canada as I have no idea where Geri is from. And Europeans and Canadians are still a important percentage of people coming to the U.S. even if they aren’t the majority, so I have no idea why you’re going off on this rant about those places and why you’re comparing immigration rates. Lastly, we’re talking now, and I wasn’t talking to you previously because you can’t speak for Geri. And I’m sure you know exactly what that means, so get over it.

  • wall

    He is not a christian, he is a godless sod

  • Cam

    Funny the right wing USED to say that it was gays fault that God was punishing New Orleans etc… with horrible weather.

    Now of course since Texas, Missouri and half the Bible Belt have been declared disaster areas in the last 2 years, they have changed their story and are trying things like this.

    Funny thing is….I seem to remember that Timothy McVeigh was a hetrosexual conservative Christian.

  • Geri

    @Colin: I live in the UK :)

  • Richard Ford

    Never mind preposterous, Bryan Fischer’s argument is self-defeating. Suppose the shooter were gay. Wouldn’t one way to avoid this kind of tragedy be for society to accept and welcome gays, instead of demonizing them and driving them to desperate acts?
    What share of the blame for this tragedy does Mr. Fischer accept, as one of the demonizers?

  • nineinchnail

    Whats the difference beween al-Qaeda and the American Lunatic Christian Fundalmentalist movement?


  • Anonymous Coward

    Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association seems to spend a huge amount of his time fantasizing about gays. No matter what happens in the world, he spins a story about how the gays caused the disaster. No rational human being spends that much time and effort trying to place blame on one minority group.

    Psychological projection or projection bias is a psychological defense mechanism where a person subconsciously denies his or her own attributes, thoughts, and emotions, which are then ascribed to other people. (

    I think Bryan Fischer is a closet gay, and I think he is a pedophile. He will eventually be caught. Probably in an airport restroom.

  • Charles

    Anonymous Coward I believe that your correct in your analogy. In this Fischer should be challenged to either put up (publicly submit a polygraph and psychological test also publicly showing the results) or shut up all together. This before he gets caught up in a self compromising position that he can’t get out of. He should do one or the other for his own future good.

  • Ewan

    You get ambulance chasers, then you get tragedy chasers. These guys actually git a little bit of wood when they hear some nutbar has shot up a room full of people. Utterly, utterly shameless.

  • Bruce

    First of all : Chick-fill-a just made a video about how they do NOT apologize for their homophobic stance ! Which is not only very un-Christian ; “love Thy neighbor ” but also illegal , I believe !
    Secondly ; Bryan Fischer and the rest of those misinformed , perverse , terrorists that like to use their pulpit to preach HATE , should all be forced by the state to take a psychological evaluation , before being allowed to whip their ignorant , sheep into a pitch forked mob , witch hunt .

  • Hyhybt

    @Jim H.: Maybe that guy complaining at airport security and telling everyone he’s the world’s biggest cock?

  • BlogShag

    @Paul: Pffft! Their policies? How about their crappy food? That’s enough to hate them and not patronize their (cough) restaurants :l People will eat anything. I can’t believe some of the gross stuff they serve at fast food restaurants, and people are all over it.

  • Bellerophon69

    “Big Gay”?!? How do I get hired, where do I apply, and when and how soon can I get “on the take” and sell my soul if “Big Gay” does “employ” me? Makes me wonder about who Bryan Fischer is really “employed” by; everyone knows people are most suspicious of others doing that which they themselves would do. Of course I’m being facetious, I do know the truth, religion is the biggest business in the world, and AFA pays this idiot well to be their mouthpiece. I wonder how much tax free influence moolah Chick-Fil-A is paying the AFA to promote their anti gay agenda? Uh oh, now I’ve just proven that there IS a gay “agenda” because I suspect them of having an anti gay one!

  • BlackRockRitual

    I don’t know what big gay is, but he sounds sexy.

  • B

    No. 37 · Geri wrote, “@Colin: I live in the UK :)” I’m not surprised, mainly because of the wording or your original comment – it sounded British in tone.

    Regarding the discussion/argument the others are having with you, the Republicans are mostly complaining about illegal immigrants from Central America or South America. Aside from that, my area (Silicon Valley) gets a lot of immigrants from Asia and Europe, specifically well educated people although others as well. Some work for international companies and may be here as part of a job for which they were hired in a different country. The companies need the smartest people they can find, and with a population of only 300,000,000 or so, there aren’t enough Americans qualified for these jobs.

  • steve

    I have a feeling that Jesus would NOT approve the purchase of firearms on the internet!

  • Cyn

    All that and their food sucks, too.

  • Hyhybt

    @Cyn: I think you have the wrong thread. Though for all I know, you’ve eaten Bryan Fischer’s cooking…

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