AFA’s Bryan Fischer Doesn’t Want Gays Sent to Prison. Just Forced to Undergo Therapy

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Bryan Fischer is the director of issues analysis for the American Family Association. Earlier this week, he told his radio audience that gays should be, by law, forced into rehabilitative therapy. That caused some people to get upset! So he went on Alan Colmes radio show to, uh, clear things up.

Here’s his clarification: “We should outlaw homosexual behavior for the same reason we outlaw intravenous drug use.”

Um. Noted?

Here’s more of Fischer “clarifying” his remarks, in a blog post published today:

Think for a moment of the current social controversies that could potentially be avoided if homosexual conduct was still against the law.

Gays in the military: problem solved. We shouldn’t make a place for habitual felons in the armed forces. End of discussion, end of controversy. If someone objects, ask them which other felonies the military ought to overlook in screening recruits.

Gay marriage: problem solved. We should never legalize unions between any two people when the union is forged specifically to engage in felony behavior. Would we sanction, for instance, the formation of a corporation whose stated purpose was to import illegal drugs?

Gay indoctrination in the schools: problem solved. We don’t want to raise a generation of schoolchildren to believe that felony behavior is perfectly appropriate. That’s why we spend so much money warning students about the danger of drugs.

Hate crimes laws: problem solved. We wouldn’t throw a pastor in jail for saying that illegal behavior is not only illegal but also immoral. For instance, he’s free to say that murder is not only contrary to man’s law but also to God’s law. End of the threat to freedom of religion and speech.

Special rights for homosexuals in the workplace: problem solved. No employer should be forced to hire admitted felons to work for him. End of the threat to freedom of religion and freedom of association in the marketplace.

Remember what we said about fringe group leaders posing as qualified experts? Ditto.

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  • Anne

    Flames, flames on the side of my face!


  • geoff

    What a dumbfuck.

  • Bill S

    Once again, LYING HIS ASS OFF about what the hate crimes law is about.

  • Qjersey

    Think for a moment of the current social controversies that could potentially be avoided if homosexual conduct was still against the law.

    GUESS WHAT MORON—It used to be against the law…until the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional. So good luck getting congress to approve an amendment to the constitution outlawing homos and then getting 75% of the states to pass it at referendum.

  • Wade macMorrighan

    Ugh…yeah…I think that he’s forgotten that even if it WERE criminalized (who’d enforce it, first of all, an Army of Xians?), it is not illegal for criminals to get married–that was decided by the SCOTUS as a universal human right!

    Of course, it’s no use arguing with someone who thinks we want “special rights”! Never mind the facts that kids do drugs anyone, and see no usefulness in such laws!

  • Mette

    Damn, the amount of stupid today is immense! That is hatespeech right there, he can’t see the goddamn log in his own freaking eye.

  • Devon

    Imagine the current social controversies that could be avoided if belief in god was diagnosed and treated like the mental disorder that it is.

  • Steve

    I mean I’ve always been saying that these people are no better than the Nazis – when they prove your point for you it’s just fantastic. Seriously though buddy, this is the same theory that Hitler came up with – Jews cause controversy in our society (and were none too loved by Christians either), so to make life easier, let’s just make them illegal. And we all know how that one turned out.

  • Lee

    Hey Fischer, You’re kind of a vile human being.

  • Chuck

    Hey the Tiger Woods scandal sure made for some unwholesome details all over every news channel. Using their logic, doesn’t this make golf anti-family. So where are the calls to outlaw golfers for hating America? We need to force everyone who watches or plays golf into therapy ASAP, if we can’t get them all sent to jail.

    Right Conservatives?

  • schlukitz

    Let’s see now.

    Religious nuts like this have likened us to pedophiles, we engage in incestuous sexual relatonships, we practice bestiality and now we are being accused of being as dangerous to human health as intravenous drug use.

    Next they will be saying that we gays started WWII and brought on the holocaust.

    The thing is, they could never get away with saying such things about black people, the Jews or the Muslims. It would not be acceptable as “freedom of speech” would be classified as blatant racism and they would become accountable to strict counter measures.

    But when such horrendous and untrue things are said about one of the largest minority groups in the US, then it’s called freedom of speech and is subject to no recrimination whatsoever.

  • Adam

    We should make stupid a felony.

  • terrwill

    Brian Fischer having a massive totally incapacitating stroke which renders this subhuman scumbag incapable of spweing any more of this vile blind, bigoted, reprehensive hatered:

    Problem solved………….

  • Justin

    I’ve met this fucker. I live in Idaho and he directed our big pro-family group out here. When he left for Mississippi the whole city of Boise (our little blue island in an ocean of red) told him to not let the door hit him in the ass on the way out.

    One of the reasons he left was over a legal battle concerning a statue of the Ten Commandments in one of our parks. Fred Phelps had come to try to set up one of those “Matthew Sheperd is in Hell” statues, which the city council unanimously rejected. He threatened to sue the city of Boise and the city lawyers realized because the statue was there he had a case, as the city would be allowing another religious statue to stand on not his so the city ordered it removed to stop Phelps from winning and a local church offered to take it. Fischer sued the city of Boise to keep it there. The story dragged on through our local media for several months as it went up the chain of court. Fischer got his ass handed to hin, but not before costing Boise $10,000 in legal bills, which he refused to pay until a judge ordered him to.

    I abhor Mississippi, but I’m genuinely sorry they have to deal with him now.

  • terrwill

    The Gay community should have a task force that in engaged whenever such a vile subhuman scumbag such at this starts spewing this rancid bile from their mouths. We shoud do a complete thorough background check, digging as deep into their closets as legally allowed. Drag the skeletons out of their closets and publicize the hell out of them. Show the indescritions, infractions, and instances of improperiaty which they have engaged in. Shatter the facade of the “traditional values” which they so readily embrace and show what hyprotical, lying, bastards I guarantee 99% of them are.

    Let it be well known you start a battle with the Gay communty your past best be pristine and pure, or the whole world is going to get a very clear view of all the skeletons lying in your closets……..

  • Chitown Kev


    I agree with you that our community should always be giving rapid fire responses to fischer and those of his ilk.

    This is actually something that the blogs do a very good job of but this type of asscuntery should really be under the purview of GLAAD.

  • terrwill

    @Chitown Kev: CKev, Agreed, but Mr. and Mrs. Redstate aren’t aware of what is discussed on these blogs. And you know Faux News would never publicize same. I want the person to be hit hard at their home town as consequences of their hatred. Like possibly taking out a full page ad in their local newspaper describing what has been discovered about their supposed pure lives. Once upon a time the lunatics branded “immoral” women with a scarlet letter to shame them where they live and make their lives miserable. Time for us to consider reviving a practice similar.

    I know there is such a clusterfuck of actions within the Gay community,and this is probably a pipe dream for me. If the community could get their shit together and this came to fruition and there were a few of these scumbags with whole lot of ‘splaining to do you would see an end to this shit pretty quickly……..

  • Mark

    Haven’t they found the bigot gene yet?

  • schlukitz

    No. 17 · terrwill

    I totally agree. People who want to work for the government are subject to a background check. Why shouldn’t people who set themselves up (without license) as psychologists, behavioral specialists, Reparative Therapists, Religious Clergy, et al, who disseminate their biased opinions, bigotry and homophobia, be subject to the same scrutiny and background checks we demand of our public officials?

    Especially, when so many of our politicians work with, take advice from and grant political favors in exchange for the votes of such licentious individuals?

  • schlukitz

    Stupid should be declared a crime, punishable by an 12 additional years of compulsory education.

    Bigotry and racism should also be declared a crime punishable by 12 years of service to the LGBT community, sensitivity training and financial reparations for the damage they inflicted on it.

    I know. It’s a fantasy that will never happen. But, if those religious assholes can worship imaginary friends in the sky whom they invoke to cause harm against us, I can certainly entertain my own fantasies about how to get back at them.

  • terrwill

    @schlukitz: Hi Schultzy…….What I imagine is that we have our own Gay task force, maybe if the HRC could grow a pair of testicles and or breasticles they could fund. Basically if you fire a show across the bow of the SS Gay, expect us to use the large guns to fire back.

    And then make sure skeletons (especially the very small ones) which said task force will most likely shine light on, will be paraded out for your entire community to view……………..

    Rattle those bones around a few of these subhuman hateful, vile, reprehensive scumbag lunatics and methinks these people will suddenly find their internal mute button………

  • Jody May-Chang

    This guy has a long history of hate mongering in my own back yard in Boise, Idaho where Fischer spent the last two decades dehumaizing and defaming LGBT people and the media gave him a free pass without so much as one hard question.

    We can thank Idaho media for their lack of spine and journalistic integrity during Fischer’s 20 year reign of terror in Idaho. If they had done their job like Colmes did, perhaps Fischer would not now be spewing his venom on the national stage.

    I have been watch dogging and reporting on this “weasel” for years. Anyone interested in Fischer’s history in Idaho check this link out:

  • Marjorie

    This makes me so angry!

    Homosexuality does not cause HIV/AIDS. It never has.
    Intravenous drug use does not cause HIV/AIDS. It never has.

    Likening the two makes me ill, no pun intended.



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