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AFA’s Bryan Fischer Equates Gay Adoption To Child Sexual Abuse

American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer is back with a vile rant supporting the recent quack study falsely claiming that children of same-sex families are worse off. In blustery top form, this evangelical nutcase first claims believers in evolution should be the most virulently opposed to homosexuality, because gays can’t conceive children due to their “unnatural” sex acts. He somehow takes a flying leap to this ultimate conclusion:

“…to put kids in this environment—-it’s a form of sexual abuse all its own. To adopt kids into a same-sex environment is a form of child abuse.”

Non-procreative Gay Sex + Gay Adoption = Child Sexual Abuse.

Wow. Grasping at straws. Sometimes you leave grandpappy alone as he blabbers in his rocking chair. Sometimes, you’ve gotta put a sock in his mouth.

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  • Hyhybt

    “Evil loon basically repeats self for the 15,000th day in a row” is not news.

  • 1equalityUSA

    I resent his changing the definition of, “family” from warmth, security, and love to hate filled organizations that politicize their personal animus towards people who were born with orientations that differ from their own. Many who join these rabidly hateful organizations are self-hating, closeted people with latent tendencies. Why do the most hateful organization utilize the word, “family” in their name? Now “family” means political hate monger. They’ve redefined the word that for centuries meant love, closeness, and comradery. Bug-off!

  • Name (required)

    I understand that the world needs to hear that guy’s crazy rants and expose the idiocy; however, at a certain point, all we’re doing is amplifying what he said so that even more potential crazies hear him.

  • Belize

    JayKay: “The liberal media is twisting this. I’m sure he just said these things in the heat of the moment.”

    Jason: “He’s not really a bad person. He has the right to speak his mind.”

  • JayUVA

    Sounds like he is relying on the discredited, debunked and deranged opinion essays written by Dr. George Rekers. I use ‘opinion’ because it isn’t ‘research’ if the footnotes include references to his own previous essays.

  • MJ

    do I even really NEED to say what needs to happen to this “person”?

  • Avenger

    He’s basically right.

  • B

    No. 6 · MJ wrote, “do I even really NEED to say what needs to happen to this “person”?”

    … not until they find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease and senility. Then you’ll know what to say!

  • Robroberts

    OK QUEERTY and the rest of the gay press — would tou STOP covering everything this crazy bigot has to say? Seriously, what is the purpose? All he does is piss me off. The only solution for this man is to die. Seriously, the day he drops dead, this planet will be much better off. But until then, MUST we keep wallowing in his mental filth??? Tme to start ignoring this asshole.

  • CalgaryBill

    Not enough people get incensed enough to equate many brands of religion as child abuse. It’s religion that seems to equate people (children) to things. Religio-nazis like Bryan Fischer make state-run crèches look almost attractive c

    Idiots like him make me breathe a sigh of relief that I’m Canadian.

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