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AFA’s Bryan Fischer: Parents Who Let Kids Identify As Gay Are Responsible If They Kill Themselves

From his American Family Association blog posts to his American Family Association radio show, Bryan Fischer — the self-professed family values Christian — continues blaming The Gays for gay bullycides. This man is a monster.

If you thought the Washington Post publishing Tony Perkins’ homophobic bile was bad (though it was followed up with excellent responses from Sirdeaner Walker and Jarrett Barrios), guess what happens when hatemongers use their own media vehicles to spread their message?

Insists Fischer: “It bears repeating: speaking the truth about homosexual behavior is not bullying. Nor is it harassment, as much as the deviancy cabal wants it to be.” And: “Paladino has already, of course, been accused of fomenting violence against homosexuals, now that truth has become the new hate speech.”

Because “homosexuals cannot reproduce,” insists Fischer, “they have to recruit. It’s the only way to swell their numbers.” Which means “homosexual activists are not totally innocent in these [bullying] tragedies.” The “sexually normal,” then, “should never sanctify those relationships with the term ‘marriage’ or even ‘domestic partnerships’ or even ‘civil unions.'” And that’s where GLSEN comes in, trying to get young people to “come out of the closet and declare a disordered sexual preference for themselves.” And any adult who complies will “share some culpability for those that take their life. Just like an adult encouraging a young student to experiment with injection drug abuse.”

This man is a terror, and no reasonable parent — or reporter, or teacher or administrator, or religious person, or human being — should ever give weight to what comes out of his mouth. And if they do? They share some culpability for those that take their life.