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AFA’s Bryan Fischer: Parents Who Let Kids Identify As Gay Are Responsible If They Kill Themselves

From his American Family Association blog posts to his American Family Association radio show, Bryan Fischer — the self-professed family values Christian — continues blaming The Gays for gay bullycides. This man is a monster.

If you thought the Washington Post publishing Tony Perkins’ homophobic bile was bad (though it was followed up with excellent responses from Sirdeaner Walker and Jarrett Barrios), guess what happens when hatemongers use their own media vehicles to spread their message?

Insists Fischer: “It bears repeating: speaking the truth about homosexual behavior is not bullying. Nor is it harassment, as much as the deviancy cabal wants it to be.” And: “Paladino has already, of course, been accused of fomenting violence against homosexuals, now that truth has become the new hate speech.”

Because “homosexuals cannot reproduce,” insists Fischer, “they have to recruit. It’s the only way to swell their numbers.” Which means “homosexual activists are not totally innocent in these [bullying] tragedies.” The “sexually normal,” then, “should never sanctify those relationships with the term ‘marriage’ or even ‘domestic partnerships’ or even ‘civil unions.’” And that’s where GLSEN comes in, trying to get young people to “come out of the closet and declare a disordered sexual preference for themselves.” And any adult who complies will “share some culpability for those that take their life. Just like an adult encouraging a young student to experiment with injection drug abuse.”

This man is a terror, and no reasonable parent — or reporter, or teacher or administrator, or religious person, or human being — should ever give weight to what comes out of his mouth. And if they do? They share some culpability for those that take their life.

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  • Kev C

    I’m not surprised Bryan Fischer is fond of Carl Paladino. They both share a love horse porn beastiality videos. Bryan has ridden many horses, and a few have ridden him. Hi ho Silver!

  • Dallas David

    This fool is bleating in support of “Traditional values” like the 10 Commandments?

    “Thou shalt keep the Sabbath Holy” is one of them. So what are they saying — shut down all businesses for 24 hours on the Sabbath?

    And which day of the week IS the Sabbath — Saturday or Sunday?


    Another Commandment is “Thou shalt not make graven images.” Look at your paper money — engravings on each one. I suppose they’ll tell you to give your engraving to them for disposal . .


    These people are so full of crap it’s astonishing. It’s not even new crap — they’re using Anita Bryant’s old BS, “They can’t reproduce so they have to recruit!”

    I’m thinking that this POS is pushing so much obvious BS that he’s either dumb as a doornail, or has some sort of addiction that he uses hate-filled anti-gay speech to releive whatever is causing his inner anguish.
    My guess is that he’s a seriously troubled individual.

    Sigh . . .

  • gollygeegaygoy

    Fischer and Phelps will suck cocks in hell.

  • the crustybastard

    Enjoy the warmth of Christian Love.™


  • Rob

    What a fucking cunt.

  • Soupy

    You know, I thought the Catholic pedophile scandal did more to damage the christian church and it’s reputation than anything else these days. But the fundies are definitely doing their part.

  • lizcivious

    Why can’t some of these so-called Christians go do something Christian, like feeding the poor or donating their money to charities instead of spewing their messages of hate? They’re all going to be surprised when they’re turned away from the pearly gates come judgement day.

  • Bruno

    Bryan Fischer is the face of hysterical, whackadoodle, insane Christianity frothing at the mouth in fear over the advent of LGBT rights advances. He is a despicable, loathsome, ugly pile of feces that deserves to be strung up by his testicles and starved to death.

  • Anthony

    What a fucking pig – I’m so disgusted by that sick fuck that I have the urge to vomit. I am so glad that his vile religion is dying!

  • Andy

    Why aren’t these people thrown in jail for practicing medicine without a license?

  • John

    Because “homosexuals cannot reproduce,” insists Fischer, “they have to recruit. It’s the only way to swell their numbers.” Which means “homosexual activists are not totally innocent in these [bullying] tragedies.” The “sexually normal,” then, “should never sanctify those relationships with the term ‘marriage’ or even ‘domestic partnerships’ or even ‘civil unions.'”

    Read more: http://www.queerty.com/afas-bryan-fischer-parents-who-let-kids-identify-as-gay-are-responsible-if-they-kill-themselves-20101014/#ixzz12PYFUldQ

    So, should people split up when they can’t procreate? What about elderly couples who meet and want to get married?

  • Darien

    Why does Queerty give any publicity to Brian Fischer? Nobody listens to him, except those who are as bigoted as he is. I’d be worried if a senator said this. We only empower our enemies, if we allow them to affect us. Peace.

  • Mark

    What if it was your kid being bullied for being straight? Because we know it’s all about acceptance that causes kids to bully – uh huh, yeah right and theres this big-assed bridge in Brooklyn for sale – what a loser.

  • Mark

    Why is our government not hunting down this terrorist?

  • Cam

    Once again, this is the EXACT same logic that the Cerics in Saudi Arabia use.

    If your daughter is raped, it is YOUR fault because you let her out of the house.

    Notice the attempt to completely take responsibility off the bullies who in effect murdered these kids?


    What the fuck motivates these reprehensive scumbags to toss so much hatred towards the Gays? There are plenty of groups I do not like nor approve of. If their ways do not interfere with my life I simply ignore them. Not a single one of these scumbags can ever cite a single instance where a Gay person has negatively affected their lives in any way whatsoever……..

    Nothing more than spewing vile hatred that one really has to wonder what generates such feelings and the unbridled need to spew their hatred…….

  • Adam

    I think there is a point to be made that perhaps these bullycides are the outgrowth of an increasing societal acceptance of same sex relationships. More precisely, the average age of coming out has plummeted since the 70’s and 80’s to the all time low of 13.4 years of age. While this indicates the very real progress our community has made, it does come with a certain price. After all, many kids are now coming out at a time that is for most people the most vulnerable time in their life. In the middle school years it’s near impossible to escape the bullies and dipshits, and most kids don’t have a fully formed sense of identity, let alone the self-esteem and confidence necessary to face adversity with the same degree of aplomb as they will when they are adults. So unfortunately, I do foresee these incidences continuing into the future, perhaps even with increasing frequency, until we have true and universal acceptance of same sex attractions in our society and until society is finally ready to responsibly and credibly confront bullying in our schools. Of course, it should go without saying that until that day arrives, the victims of bullying are not morally responsible for the torment that they suffer, but rather people like Bryan Fisher are the ones with blood on their hands.

  • ultraview

    Hey Bryan Fischer…go fuck yourself!

  • adman

    What is this projection the bigots always have about Gays wanting to “swell their numbers” and recruit straights so that we can grow our numbers? I have never known anyone who’s gay worry about how many of us there are, since we all know we are a minority and it is natural somehow that we are. And it’s natural for reasons none of us understand gay or straight, but it is eterna. There always were, and there always will be gays.
    But undeserved power seems to be the preoccupation of both straight homophobes, and supposed allies of many stripes, and it’s actually a good indicator of ignorance towards gays and the reality we live everyday. Gays don’t worry about population issues, that is up to the breeders, period. It seems to be guilt laden to me. The straights look at the crowded world and feel in their hearts that they must join the mob mentality out there or die trying. Part of being gay to me is the realization of this at some point and saying to myself, “hey, why bother?”.

  • Ryan

    This guy is a gasbag. I’m also annoyed that they clearly ripped off CNN’s graphics (and poorly, to boot).

  • Theo

    This guy is social terrorist with blood of all the bully related suicides and hate-crimes on his hand.

  • Daez

    Don’t confuse this xtian with actual Christians. Actual Christians understand that one of the only commandments Christ ever gave was, “Let thee who be without sin throw the first stone.”

  • Jake the libertarian

    Damn! I haven’t heard good old fashioned hate like that in quite a while! (Not counting the Phelps clan… but even the Christians hate him)

    It will be extra sweet when we get to hear about his “camping trips” with troubled young men…

    I can’t imagine someone having such a hardcore outlook on homosexuality without having a personal struggle with it… I have tons of straight friends and they swear to me that they really don’t even think about gays that much… gays think about gays that much. Too bad too, because I don’t want him in our camp.

  • mark

    no more words….baseball bat

  • ewe

    Asshole. Captital A.

  • Steve

    Surprisingly, a lot of people do listen to the American Family Association. A lot of so-called “Christians” not only listen to the AFA, but believe what the AFA says, and do what they are told.

    We need to listen to what the hate-mongers are saying, so that we can defend against them. Knowing the enemy makes it easier to avoid being harmed by them.

    Not all people who call themselves “Christian” are full of hate. Some are genuinely full of love, and minister to gay people in a genuine, loving way. So it would wrong to lump them all together as one category. When referring to the ones who are full of hate, who choose to use their religion to harm other people, I put the word “Christian” in quotes, to distinguish those from the genuine, loving Christians.

    In my opinion, Bryan Fischer is a “Christian”. He is using his position as a religious leader to gain power and wealth, and to harm other people. He is one of the hate-filled bigots who give “Christians” a bad reputation.

  • Steve

    @Adam: I don’t agree that being “out” has anything to do with being bullied. One does not need to be “out” to be bullied. I was bullied, assaulted and battered, very regularly, from the time I was in 8th grade until I graduated high school. The bullies have always picked on the kids who seem different. It doesn’t matter whether or not the difference is confirmed, or even correct.

    Bullying is not new. Bullies have picked on gay kids for hundreds of years. Bullies have driven gay kids to commit suicide for hundreds of years. That has not changed. I don’t even think the number of kids who commit suicide because of bullying has changed enough to be statistically significant in recent years.

    What has changes is that, now we can identify some of the kids as having been gay. Previously, most gay youth suicides could not be confirmed. We knew that some of them were gay, but we couldn’t know which ones, since most of the gay kids who committed suicide were in the closet, and told no one else that they were gay, until they died. Now, many of the gay kids are “out” to their family and friends. So when one of those gay kids commits suicide, it is known that he was gay.

  • FlopsyMopsyCT

    @adman: I would tend to agree with this, mostly because I have difficulty believing that a teenager (really, a child) has such a fine-tuned mechanism of self-awareness that they would know for sure they were gay at such a young age. Don’t get me wrong I know of several gay men and women who say they knew at such ages, but to the point where you are able to construct an identity around it seems a bit far-stretched and, perhaps, a bit premature. The fact that we have kids walking around announcing their homosexuality at such young ages, I think, subjects these children to emotionally damaging social situations that some of us never faced due to a later coming-out.

    @Steve: See, I would disagree with you there. I would argue that being out in such an emotionally tumultuous place like high school would subject such kids to a greater degree of bullying. Of course, the overtly effeminate boy or over-weight child has always reaped a greater share of unwanted attention, but I think the element of being out adds an extra piece that could make the bullying worse. It’s difficult to articulate why, but I think there is reason to believe it.

    I do agree with you that gay kids have always been bullied, and children have taken their lives over such hostility. However, I would say that bullying has seen a vast degree of change, mostly in how it occurs. I am 29, and back when I was in high school, the only real way to bully someone was to either do it to their face, prank call them, write some nasty note, or something like that. Today, kids can create anonymous facebook pages dedicated to trash-talking their “enemies.” When someone mentions the word “bullying” in the context of these articles, I think most of us think of the generic situation where the jock calls the theatre kid some pejorative word in the hallway. From what I’ve read, it goes much further now. Look at that kid who was broadcasted in his dorm room, or the girl that was the subject of an adverse facebook page. Bullying has escalated from simple, hallway taunts, to calculated schemes. Kids are basically committing torts against one another (and many of the victims actually sue in civil court). It’s a lot more serious than what it was in previous decades.

    In regards to the actual article, yeah, this Fisher guy is complete bosh. In my opinion, I think people who try to pin fault on the victims or others, and not the bullies themselves, their parents or negligent school personnel, are really just trying to make it socially acceptable for schools to turn a blind eye to bullying. It’s in these parents’ interest to do so, because the more and more their kids get called out as bullies, the more and more it reflects on the parents and the way they raise their kids.

  • Wolfbear

    The old men that wrote the Bible wanter to be sure they had grandchildren. In the eyes of Christians we are nothing more than breeding stock and must reproduce. The Bible teaches that God sees the heart. The heart is what is important not what’s between your legs. The Bible teaches that ‘love overcomes a multitude of sin.’ and says that ‘with God there is no male or female.’ If we love someone in pureness and not from lust it doesn’t matter thier gender. Of course its okay to lust after the one you love. According to the Bible it’s just as much a sin to lust after one sex as the other. READ THE FUCKING BOOK!!!! Stop thumping the Bible. The Bible also states, “Who are you to judge anothers servants for it is up to God if he stands or fails, for as you judge others so shall you be judged.” Romans 14

  • Jim Fichler

    To all who want to put a bat to Bryan Fischer’s bigot skull. Here is his home address.


    2310 Oak Leigh Dr

    Tupelo, MS 38801-6163

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