AFA’s Outdated ‘Family’ Hurts America

We really, truly don’t understand the American Family Association. And we have a feeling they don’t, either!

The non-profit recently launched a radio campaign against the Day of Silence, a national effort to raise awareness of and fight against homophobic violence.

This audio, which we’ve included below, offers a housewife’s dilemma: sure, her daughter’s school isn’t perfect, but the girl’s happy and seems to be getting along well. But, wait! What’s that? The school plans on participating in the Day of Silence? “What’s a mom to do,” the woman wonders aloud:

How could they let a pro-gay group hijack the school for an entire day?” Look, I don’t hate anybody, but why should Kayla have to be looked down upon just because she doesn’t celebrate the lifestyle?

An ominous voice over then instructs concerned parentals to fight the equality-minded initiative and keep their kids home on the specified date.

The AFA’s protest should come as no surprise – they’ve raised similar boycotts in the past. This year’s uprising, however, reeks a little more than previous efforts.

The Day of Silence coordinators dedicate this year’s commemoration, April 25, to Lawrence King, the 15-year old gunned down at school after asking another boy to be his valentine. The King story captured the national spotlight for a few weeks and the nation seemed to empathize with King’s school, family and friends. Obviously this murder tore apart the community, which mourned under an all-encompassing spotlight. While Simmie Williams Jr’s shooting a week later didn’t garner as much attention, the familial pain’s still palatable. The teen’s mother may not have understood his cross-dressing, but she knows he didn’t deserve to die. Said Denise King:

Simmie’s friends asked me if I was going to dress him as a woman for the funeral. I said no. I gave birth to a boy, and my baby would be buried as a boy. I don’t know…what he did or didn’t do across town. What I know is that he was gay and didn’t deserve to be gunned down because of who he was.’

How, we wonder, can the American Family Association, which claims to defend family values and stability, protest an event against violence that tears apart families. If the American Family Association truly cared about families, they would fight alongside gay activists to end violence that brings mothers and fathers to their knees, leaves sisters without brothers and nieces without aunts. How in the world can founder Don Wildmon and his brethren stand on their high horse while kids die? It’s absolutely insane!

The AFA defines family by “traditional” terms, but that only extends to man and wife. What happens when man and wife have a gay child? Does that family suddenly become less than, invalid and untraditional? We think not, obviously, but can’t for the life of us figure out what the AFA’s thinking – if anything. By launching this effort – especially in this context – AFA seems to be endorsing their own silence: a silent approval of anti-gay violence. These people are closer to the cannibalistic killers from Texas Chainsaw Massacre than they are to the good Christians they claim to be – and just as disgusting.

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  • CitizenGeek

    I agree! The AFA is disgusting!

  • porsha

    The AFA (imo) is neither American or Family. Association, maybe. I have to agree with CitizenGeek…disgusting!

  • REBELComx

    Ugh…the more shit like this I read, the more I AM incited into violence…against the AFA and other homophobic groups. Fucking ignorant hypocrites.

  • Becca

    What is with the ultra-right-wing bible-thumpers OBSESSION with the LGBT community? These people are completely insane.

    Hatred is NOT a Family Value

  • Hefty-Whore

    They’re just upset cause they can’t take it in tha ass as well as we do.

  • jbran

    I’m sure that’s what they’re upset about, H-W. Not only was that very clever, it’s so correct. Thanks for smartening up the discourse.

  • Zoe Brain

    It’s revealing though.

    “The National Day of Silence brings attention to anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment in schools.”

    They consider this message unreasonably pro-gay.

    No-one could possibly mistake their beliefs: they say they don’t hate anyone, but they not only don’t mind children being bullied, they are against taking action against preventing it – even when the action consists of merely publicising the bullying.

    I’m sure they’d deny it, but any objective observer would have to say they’re actually pro-child-abuse. We don’t have to say that about them, they say it themselves.

    Their own words convict them. The more this is publicised the better.

  • kevin57

    Zoe Brain,

    Yes, the more it’s published, the better SO LONG AS the precise nature and purpose of the Day of Silence are also published.

    Otherwise, these clowns will wind up defining this important day. That’s what they’re really after, make a day of silence into a “pro gay agenda” day (whatever the hell that means).

  • Hazumu Osaragi

    Read Dr. Dobsons’ books on child-rearing where he advocates adversarial corporal punishment. Yeah, they advocate child abuse.

    Try for starters.

  • M Shane

    I’m guessing but, no doubt , the inspiration for the AFA is a hegemonic heterosexual christian front to promote prejudice against gay folks.
    Remember those parsnip brains believe that gay people can help their proclivity and are the singlemost chalenge to the male dominated prototype of the nuclear family.
    Why don’t they object to Martin Luther King day
    for wasting student time, or particularly President’s Day in that we’ve had so many criminal presidents)(is that a family value: torture, hatred inculcate; guess so!

    I believe that we had better wise up to the fact that there are a whole rash of these hate based fascist organisations around, and that their have been for a long time. I’ve noticed that a few of my formerly closest frinds have stopped calling me after taking place in community groups where they all watched “Queer Folks”; I thought that this was strange
    since what straight people would want to watch guys getting blow jobs in a bar, but now see that thier were motives were to build hatred.
    Does anyone see this as a paralell to the communist hysteria Contrived during the cold war. Or the antisemitism during Nazi Germany.
    This is more than just an itchy flea; these Rednecks are dangerous: we are an outlet for displaced distress and hatred.

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