AFA’s “Special”

Talk about timing. Just as politicians gear up to debate The Employment Non-Discrimination Act, the American Family Association offers its dedicated readers a chance to pipe in on the politicized proposal. They write:

Several corporations are now supporting the homosexual agenda. These companies have been convinced by homosexual activists and the mainstream media that in order to be ‘fair and tolerant,’ companies must make special rules for homosexuals and provide company money and resources to help promote their lifestyle. Many companies, at the urging of these groups, have also begun to support same-sex marriage.

“Special rules”? Ain’t nothing special about ’em, dudes. They’re simply the same rights already afforded straight couples. That said, it seems to us it’s the straights who have “special” rights. Maybe the AFA uses the same dictionary as Family Research Council. How convenient, especially considering many of their members probably don’t know the meaning, anyway.

You kids do, of course, so you should head on over and make your voice heard, too. Be sure to enter your security word. Ours was “tendon”, which gave us a bit of a laugh.