AFA’s Tim Wildmon Calls America “The Twilight Zone” For Supporting Gay Equality

Tim Wildmon of the American Family Association and WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah are ready to move to Appalachia to avoid living under a second Obama term and the prospect of full equality for LGBT people: In a recent radio chat, the two bemoaned the election results, and then moved on to UPS’ decision to stop donating to the Boy Scouts of America until the group stops banning gay members.

Wildmon (right)—who never met a boycott he didn’t like—is considering a “pressure campaign” against UPS, while Farah pleads with reactionaries to figure out how to stop progress dead in its tracks. Right Wing Watch has a transcript:

Wildmon: Have you heard about the Boy Scouts and UPS?

Farah: I saw that and it’s just astonishing. It’s harder to get packages delivered…

Wildmon: I know, pretty soon we’re going to have to move to the mountains and live off the land. It really is and that’s why we here at the American Family Association, we don’t call for boycotts very often despite our reputation, and when we do we’re serious about it and we’ve exhausted every means of appeal to a particular company, like we have done with Home Depot and their sponsorship of gay pride parades.

At the same time it doesn’t hurt to inform people about what these corporations do. If you don’t call for a boycott but just let people know, because if they do business with these companies… If you do any business with UPS, just tell your driver or your local office, ‘hey guys, you realize what you did? I will have to consider how much business I see with you because of this,’ and that moves up the food chain.

Farah: Tim, I want you to think back to twenty years ago and try to imagine that we would have corporations essentially declaring war on the Boy Scouts of America.

Wildmon: We live in the Twilight Zone.

Farah: Try to imagine going back twenty years and [imagine if] you’d have a real powerful movement for same-sex marriage. And it’s actually winning now on ballot initiatives in several states, this is how rapidly the culture is deteriorating. It’s not happening in a vacuum—it’s happening because there are people and forces, powerful forces that are making it happen and we have to figure out how to reverse this or stop this real fast.

Wildmon: That’s exactly right.

You ask us, it all started when we let the women-folk vote.