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Africa-Bound Alleged Terrorist Grew Up Wanting to Mutilate Some Fags

That Mohamed Mahmood Alessa (pictured, right), one of the “Jersey Jihadists” — the media-friendly name given to the two men arrested on Saturday as they headed to Africa to allegedly join terror groups — had a childhood history of exhibiting hatred toward gays is about as surprising as learning he fantasized about blowing up his school. Raised in Jersey, Alessa reportedly spoke of “mutilating homosexuals, subordinating women in the name of Islam and blowing up the school with a gang of Muslims.” Don’t tell me he also had anger management issues.

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  • ossurworld

    Were these guys trying out for the new Planet of the Apes movie?

  • scott ny'er

    Now where did he learn this behavior from? Crazy mofos.

  • Hilarious

    I find the comments worse than the “terrorists”.

  • edgyguy1426

    in the name of Islam….. well there you go. It’s religion. And subjugation is it’s mantra.

  • Dmitriy

    Where are the queer supporters of these “freedom fighters” that usually populate the comments section of any story on the middle east?
    huh huh?

  • gregnsf

    Didn’t they used to be on the Geico commercials?

  • ousslander

    rosie will come out supporting them

  • Jesse Helms

    Who are these two prehistoric Apes? They look like they have Down Syndrome. LOL LOL

  • ewe

    There is a photo of their female relatives or friends leaving the courthouse and i have to say i have a real problem not being able to see the face of people. I don’t think i am legally allowed to cover my face with a mask and walk down the street (halloween excluded) and i do not think these women should be allowed to walk around looking like the cloaked three blind mice. I admit that i feel this way because i think they are quickly eroding at the rights of all american women. I do not agree with second class citizenship. This covering your whole face with a burka is not about religion really. If it was then there would be no reason to beat and stone women into submission and death.

  • WiseUp

    I’m just waiting for some typical gays to come on here and start screaming that we mustn’t criticize these men, and that we must respect diversity and cultural differences.

  • Jesse Helms

    Who is these two gay guys? They make a lovely couple as Apes in the zoo. Maybe they can get married and have a few monkies together. LOL

  • mconyc08

    Queerty, what’s the point of having a “Flag the comment” option if it’s not correctly enabled?

    There are plenty of comments here that are completely inapropriate and should be removed since they are only written to push people’s buttons and are not contributing anything relevant to the discussion.

    There’s a big difference between freedom of speech and HATE speech. Way to run a “pro-gay” media property!

  • james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge

    @mconyc08: He’s a troll, therefore he’ll just sign up with another fake email address and do it again and again because he’s getting what he wants, which is for you to get angry and give him all the attention his daddy didn’t. It’s also possible, as I said in other threads, he might be one of these hipsters who thinks he’s out there and doing some kind of ridiculous performance art. Either way, we’re grown-ups. We can take this very little man (in every way I’m sure) and put him in his place. Which is on the bottom with a big black dildo in his ass, just the way his momma taught him to like it. I mean, does a straight man talk like this: “He’s definitely a bottom in drag with a little wee wee. LOL” Do straight guys use the term “bottom”? Or even “drag”? Or end their sentences with an “LOL” all over the place? Case closed. Let’s have some sympathy for a very confused boy/man or applaud an over the top performance piece by a downtown hipster nerd but let’s not censor! He’s not the first self-loathing homo/hipster nerd in our community and he won’t be the last :)

    Read more really gay rantings by “Jesse Helms” @

  • Jesse Helms

    James you are a confused Negro wanna be white faggot that takes it up you ass. Too bad the AIDS virus has gone to your brian. I am sure most of your freaks have the HIV virus or AIDS. Pick out those pink caskets freaks.

  • james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge

    @Jesse Helms: That’s Mulatto to you sir. Half & half, like all the hot people ;) So seriously, which one are you dear? Performance artist or repressed trailer park homo? You like a good long fuck or fast and hard? Are you shaved and clean or hairy and smelly, like a horny unwashed gay redneck after a cross-burning? You can be honest with me Mary. And you’re a total bottom too, aren’t you? I promise I won’t ask or tell if you confide in your little biracial honey here…

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