African Death Threat Madness!

Some disturbing news out of Africa this morning. Okay, well, just South Africa and Nigeria…

First, South Africa’s first legally married gay couple, Vernon Gibbs and Tony Halls, have received “countless” death threats since making headlines for their homo-nups. They’ve reported the incidents to police, but apparently the coppers aren’t that intrigued.

Though the couple ushered in a new era for the progressive country, 365 Gay reports that the backlash has had a detrimental effect on the number of South African gay marriages:

The Department of Home Affairs said only 84 same-sex couples had tied the knot since it became legal, compared to an estimated 5,000 opposite-sex couples.

Certainly not the turn-out one would expect after such a bitter battle.

Meanwhile, in Nigeria, Davis Mac-Iyalla – a man who’s made it his mission to spread homo-loving Christianity in the legendarily homo-phobic country – got his own death threat the other day. Of this specific letter, Mac-Iylla commented:

On reading the letter, I felt immediately that my life was in great danger and the person threatening me knows who I am and where I can be found. I have felt very unsafe since the emails started to arrive, and now fear for my life.

Yes, well, we suppose that’s the point…

Mac-Iyalla’s organization, Changing Attitude Nigeria has repeatedly clashed with Peter Akinola and his fag-fearing followers. He’s gained such a reputation in his home country that a particularly irate enemy sent him a letter promising to douse him in acid if he doesn’t renounce his tolerant, even-minded ways. The not-so-love note comes on the heels of other, related warnings:

It notes that Mr Mac-Iyalla has not “paid heed” to the numerous warnings and threats already issued. The writer or writers have decided it is time to carry on with their action to redeem the image of African Christian and moral values because Mr Mac-Iyalla’s very existence poses great danger to the youth of the Nigerian Church. His total repentance and confession is demanded.

Refusing to back down, Mac-Iyalla has asked The Church of Nigeria to speak out against the threats: a request to which we’re sure they’ll respond with another death threat. Oh, come on, you think they have nothing to do with this?