After 100 Years Of Existence, The NAACP Will Finally Address LGBT Issues

After being slammed for taking a “neutral” stance on marriage equality, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People will hold its first town hall meeting on LGBT issues, moderated by out CNN anchor Don Lemon and lesbo-comedian Wanda Sykes. Sounds fun and informative, but what will they actually discuss?

According to the NAACP, the LGBT forum “will examine the significant contributions of black gay leaders within the Civil Rights movement, the role of black straight allies in addressing homophobia, and how we can collectively overcome LGBT discrimination within the black community.”

To be fair, the NAACP has supported hate-crimes legislation and anti-bullying programs, and has opposed laws banning same-sex marriage (like Prop 8). Plus, NAACP chair Julian Bond enthusiastically addressed LGBT and black civil rights in his 2009 Human Rights Campaign speech, so the organization hasn’t been totally silent on LGBT issues. But we’ll be listening for sound bits and conversation points from the discussion.

The panel will also include National Women’s Studies Association president Beverly Guy-Sheftall, Noah’s Arc actor Daryl Stephen and writer/scholar/activist Kenyon Farrow.

Um… we want tickets to this event. Like, really badly!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Commenter QJ201 correctly points out that the NAACP panel lacks a transperson and possibly a bisexual.