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  • Peter

    It is peculiar that you never hear about why Jesus was not married. Jewish customs of the time almost required marriage.

  • Ryan

    Jesus is a mythological character…

  • Samwise

    Jesus was clearly heavily influenced by Cynic asceticism. An average Jewish man who was unmarried would be suspicious; a Cynic ascetic would not be suspicious at all. It was part of the philosophy. And it would be kind of ridiculous to argue that the historical Jesus was your average Jew, given his numerous run-ins with the Pharisees. In many ways, early Christianity was kind of a combination of Judaism and Cynicism (in the classical sense of the word).

    He could have been gay. He could have just been celibate. He could have been married to Mary Magdalene. Until someone invents a time machine, we’ll never know.

  • D Smith

    marriage as we know it now… did not exist back then anyways… besides more obvious social and legal issues the name was different… female spouses were called “companions” hence why some believe mary magdalene to be jesus spouse…

    that said… the name jesus itself was actually quite common back then and there are numerous problems with the biblical story from a historical perspective, including the roman governor not being alive yet, in “prophecies” claiming jesus’ birth to be in Bethlehem when the mythical figure was said to have been born in Nazareth, and while it is quite simple to prove that Someone lived in that time named jesus… indeed as i mentioned before the name was quite common… no evidence can be found to support even the non-magical stories involved with this particular mythical figure…

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