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After 2+ Years, Peter & Laurent Are About To Get Their Baby Samuel Out Of Ukraine

Samuel, the adorable two-year-old born via surrogate in the Ukraine to Belgian gay couple Laurent Ghilain (27, fitness trainer, biological father) and Peter Meurrens (37, cardiologist), appears to be finally headed home to be with his fathers. With Belgium banning surrogacy (for gay or straight parents), Samuel has been bouncing between foster parents and an orphanage in Ukraine, since Laurent and Peter’s home country refused to grant Samuel the paperwork to come home. But this nightmare — which cost more than $100k between surrogacy and legal fees, and involved the arrest of the couple’s sympathetic friend on kidnapping and child trafficking charges — appears ready to end: Yesterday the Belgian Foreign Ministry issued Samuel a passport, which means he’ll be transferred to Brussels this week before joining his parents in Ghilain, a small town in France where they’ve relocated. We wish you all the best, boys. (Read more on Peter and Laurent’s nightmare here.)