After 33 Years, Richard Chamberlain Chooses His Career Over His Partner

I’m sort of loving how ballsy actor Richard Chamberlain still is at 76, splitting with his partner of 33 years Martin Rabbett (they’ve been together for 43 percent of his lifetime!) and up and leaving their pad in Hawaii. Funny, because earlier this month, as reports surfaced of Chamberlain moving back to LA from Maui because of new work opportunities (like a gig on TNT’s Leverage), the actor was talking about how he and Rabbett would have to engage in a “a relationship by commute” because Rabbett was staying on the island and pondering a move to San Francisco.

Damn. Remember Chamberlain back in the 60s?

And remember when he came out?

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  • brandoise

    Are there any gay couples left that a young guy can look to for hope? G-D its depressing! Go Ellen and Portia I guess.

  • Fitz

    @brandoise: It’s not reasonable to call 30 years a failure.

  • SugNight

    WHAT career?

  • niles

    I say good for him. Even in paradise it can get pretty boring, and he has so much talent it’s a shame not to use it.

  • Eli


    And Neil and David – They are hot together and They have been together longer than Ellen/portia.

  • gollygeegaygoy

    I have never forgotten how he pushed himself into the front of the queue for the slide, in Towering Inferno, to get out of the burning building..’women and children first, fuck that’. He seemed so believable.

  • john



    SHOW !


    Funny, I thought his career died 33 years ago………….

  • fredo777

    I must say, I’m not really familiar with any of this. Then again, I’m an 80s kid.

  • rudy

    Chamberlain was never any kind of role model, profile in courage, and his acting was WAY overrated.
    But yes, he was pretty when he was young.

  • maximien

    old queers squabbling over RC … he’s a real star, no matter what you say, dears!

  • Freeman

    @brandoise: I know what you mean. It seems like there are very few gay male couples that stick it out. There really aren’t that many examples, and the community doesn’t seem to support long term relationships.

  • Gay Guy Atlanta

    Oh well, another day another dick for Richard. It’s been 50 years since he was a twink. Get the check book out queen!

  • OrchidIslander

    @Gay Guy Atlanta: You should be so lucky to live as long and as well as he has. Besides, there’s more to life than being a twink and/or paying for sex, but the jaded and low-browed among us fail to realize that.

    The tacky and mean-spirited comments gays are so willing to make about each other is really fucked up.

    Gay Community anyone??

  • EdB

    @brandoise: You don’t need role models. Barack Obama didn’t see any black presidents. The need for role models is overstated. Please don’t assume you need one to do what you wish to do. That is one of the biggest myths & excuses

  • justiceontherocks

    @brandoise – what EdB said. And if you are looking for hope from other couples, the entertainment community is a bad place to go.

  • Jaroslaw

    I don’t know if RC said this in 2010, but he said in a number of sources that I looked at that he really isn’t splitting up with Martin. Martin just doesn’t happen to like LA. Seems reasonable that after 30 years together you could trust a 76 y/o and RC did say Martin might be moving to San Francisco. As others have said, 30 years isn’t a failure anyway.

  • southernslang

    Yes they have officially broken up. Martin resides back in Honolulu. He is truly an amazing individual – I have a hard time believing Ricky left him. They are still friends. The comments all seem to marginalize Martin. He is extremely smart, talented, kind, beautiful inside as well as on the outside. I hope he finds happiness again; he definitely deserves it after living all those years in the shadow. He is definitely the most attractive 61 soon to be 62 year old I have ever meet. Anyone would be lucky to call him their lover, partner, boyfriend, mate or just friend.

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