After Anti-Gay Trash Talk, Tom Cruise’s DJ Son Makes Good With Benefit Gig At The Abbey

Earlier this month Tom Cruise’s adopted teenage son, Connor, got some attention (the unwanted kind) when he dissed his publicist for sending out a “gay ass f**king tweet” during the Super Bowl.

His rep, Todd Krim, dumped Cruise after the incident, but it looks like Connor’s still got peeps watching his back: A rep for the AIDS Project Los Angeles let us know Cruise is DJing The Envelope Please, their annual Oscar-viewing party at L.A.’s The Abbey on February 26.

We’d swear it was a stunt to divert attention away from Cruise’s bonehead tweet but it appears he was scheduled to spin well before Twittergate erupted.

Tickets for the dinner and Oscar viewing party are sold out but the afterparty, where Cruise will work the tables, is free and open to the public.

Photo via The Abbey



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  • ArmandoKH

    Just one correction: Krim didn’t dump Connor as a manager. They parted ways two weeks before the Super Bowl.

  • Oh, ok.

    What’s the hockey player doing to make up for the use of the slur “faggots”?

  • Uppity

    Connor Cruise has the best PR people in the business. Smart move.

  • J Stratford

    That hockey player is doing nothing. He and his minions in Queerty are telling everyone that the word “fag” is a joke that anyone can say as long as its not directed to gays.

    Of course he and they are wrong!

  • timncguy

    Once again Queerty your headline doesn’t match the actual reporting in the article. The article states this appearance was scheduled way before the offensive “tweets”. So, how is why does your headline appear to say that this was put together as a way to “make good” for the offensive tweets?

  • Tackle

    Connor also apologized soon after sendind out his offensive tweets.

    Lets see if the SAME people who supported the hockey player, accepted his apology and encouraged us to move past this will do the same for Connor ??

  • perdeep

    Look, he’s a teenager. Do you know how much stupid, offensive shit I said when I was a teenager that I am now ashamed of? As long as adults explain to him why it’s wrong (and it sounds like they have, since he’s apologized) it’s probably fine. He hardly has a history of bullying people.

  • QJ201

    WTF is a 17 year old doing working as a DJ?

    Oh he is celebuspawn.

  • jkrupiarz

    What’s the point of saying “adopted” teenage son? He’s Tom Cruise’s son. “Adopted” is an unnecessary qualifier, particularly on this site, that implies you are diminishing the facts.

  • Mike

    My only hope for this kid is that whatever career path he chooses comes with the necessary escape velocity to get out of his dad’s money-grubbing cult.

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