After ‘Brokeback,’ The Next Big Gay Love Story

We hope it won’t be cowboys again. It could be about astronauts getting it on in zero gravity, or maybe it will be about two homos in San Francisco and their strange little dogs. Or perhaps there will be some danger with an Indian/Pakistani love affair across that fragile border.

Have your say PEN15 club

Our friends at the PEN15 Club want to hear your ideas on their voicemail as part of their new “Have Your Say” contest. Every week they will post a question and readers will leave their responses on a voice mailbox. The funniest will be included in their weekly podcast. This week’s question: What do you think will be the Next Big Gay Love Story?

We know Queerty readers tend to be bitchy smart-asses, so what are you waiting for? This could be your chance to hear your own faggy voice on the Internet!

Have Your Say: The next big gay love story [PEN15 Club]