After Criticizing Obama, Bristol Palin Now Claims To Be Victim Of Cyberbullying

Remember how Bristol Palin boldly criticized President Obama for letting his daughters educate him on marriage equality? (And how it might’ve all been a publicity stunt for her upcoming show on the Lifetime channel, Bristol Palin: Life’s A Tripp?)

Well, she’s taking some more swipes at the world on her blog, this time at anonymous commenters on the blogosphere who said some pretty vicious stuff about her.

Blogs Bristol: “People claim they’re just trying to protect the right of two people to love each other – a right I don’t contest, by the way – and then spew the worst words imaginable at someone they disagree with.  If the agenda is love, why do you hate so intensely?”

It’s not just about disagreeing—it’s that Bristol trotted out false evidence in support of her arguments, namely that children of homosexual parents tend to do worse in life. That’s probably what makes people’s blood boil over her thoughtless comments.

We and our allies fight so hard for our right to love our same-sex partners, and an unwed mother who’s hypocritically now all for abstinence gets the platform to spew nonsense, so yes, we get mad. Mad because we want to be able to love our partners without the Bristol-Palin peanut gallery chiming in with B.S. arguments.

With this new response only seeming to fan the flames, it only seems clearer that she’s trying to get more and more publicity in advance of her show.