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After Denying FTM Student Homecoming King Title, MI High School Does Away With Prom King + Queen

Oakleigh Marshall, a FTM trans student at Mona Shores High School in Muskegon, Michigan, is registered under the name Oakleigh Reed. Last September when he mounted an impromptu campaign to be named homecoming king, Oakleigh won — and was then told by his principal that, because he was born a biological woman, and registered at the school as such, he would have to surrender the title. Flash-forward five months, and Mona Shores High has a new solution to gender-specific superlatives: do away with them. Which is why at this year’s prom, there will be no king nor queen, but a pair of gender-neutral crown holders for both juniors and seniors. “I’m so glad that the rules have been changed,” says Oakleigh in a statement. “All I wanted was a chance for all students to participate and be heard. Now, my classmates and I can just focus on having a great time at our school dance.”