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After Hoisting Gay Pride Flag, Seattle Space Needle May Go Back in the Closet

Last year was a nifty milestone for LGBTs in Seattle: the Space Needle hoisted a big rainbow flag to celebrate Pride. Will they do it again this year? Ehhhhh maybe.

So far, the Space Needle’s owners have yet to commit to raising a rainbow. That’s prompted activist Josh Castle to set up a petition to get a definite thumbs-up or thumbs-down. And really, what reason could they have for a thumbs-down? Seattle’s the country’s second-gayest city (behind San Francisco, despite what you may have heard) and just ahead of Atlanta. Yes, Atlanta.

The petition lives on, which as you may recall was the site that successfully pressured the SF Giants into making an It Gets Better video. Will that be enough to keep the Needle gay? We hope so. And if the flag does indeed fly again this year, don’t forget to show up wearing tons of fucking sequins.