After Pneumonia, Health Scares, Morrissey Told To Call It Quits By Doctors

MorrisseyAfter a string of serious health problems, out singer Morrissey has been cautioned by his doctors to retire from performing.

Earlier this month, Morrissey, 53, was rushed to a hospital with pneumonia and was forced to cancel concert dates in North America. He’s also suffered from anemia, stomach ulcers and Barrett’s esophagus, in which the lining of the throat is damaged by stomach acid, MSN reports.

“I had a very bad time. I had internal bleeding and I was rushed into hospital and I had lost a lot of blood. They tried to patch me together over the following five weeks but it didn’t work,” Morrissey tells radio station Reactor 105.7 in Mexico, where he’s recuperating. “I was on lots of IV drips for almost five weeks, and each time it seemed as though I was back to robust health I would decline. I had lost so much blood I had become anemic, but I’m still receiving ongoing treatment and I am very optimistic now.”

The former Smiths front man says his recent bout of pneumonia and other maladies was the result of the anemia. “I had lost so much blood, so the immune defenses were very, very low and couldn’t cope with anything. The slightest gust of wind and I would have a terrible cold.”

He told the interviewer he’s been told to retire but explained “it’s difficult for me because it’s very ingrained in me.”

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  • gollygeegaygoy

    ‘Out’ ?

  • john0208


    I am great fan of your Blog,i am regularly follow your post, every time you give me very useful information that’s help me lot, i think you are right.


  • erikwm

    Anemia? Probably because he doesn’t eat meat.

  • frshmn

    I don’t want to make assumptions, which are unfortunately raised whenever an older gay gets sick, but I really hope if he was indeed HIV+ he would be open about it.

  • z

    Morrissey has never been “out”. You made this mistake in your last article on him as well. His sexuality has been the subject of rumors for years, rumors which he has encouraged with lots innuendo and hint-dropping. Still, he’s never officially made any public declaration regarding his sexuality.

  • Ogre Magi

    Meat is murder
    Milk is rape
    but what really tastes good
    is deep fried ape
    So grab that primate by the paw
    and serve him up with fresh coleslaw

  • balehead

    Anemia……does this mean he should start eating red meat again…I’ve known a few male friends who got very sick trying to go vegetarian….

  • Dionte

    I’ve been a vegetarian for 28 years, I need to look anemia up because I will never eat meat.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    There are synthesized epoetin injectables that can stimulate red blood cells, but they need to find the cause of the anemia, be it kidney disease, myeloma cancers, ulcers, or nutritional. Get well soon.

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