After Rumored Lesbian Abandons Talk Show, Actual Lesbian Will Take Over Her Spot

With Oprah‘s final show airing in May, her Harpo talk show studio in Chicago will soon be empty — but not for long. Rosie O’Donnell, who will be hosting her own talker for Oprah’s new OWN channel, will take over the space at West Washington Boulevard and North Carpenter Street.

Hello people of Harpo, it’s me, Rosie O’Donnell, star of ‘The Flintstones,'” O’Donnell said, referring to her 1994 film in a homemade video message shown to studio staff. “I just wanted to say: Hi, I’m coming to Chicago. Yes, I am, and I’m thrilled about it. And I get to work with all of you, who have created magnificent television for two decades-plus.” A child could be heard in the background and O’Donnell paused to say, “Quiet, Mommy’s working.” Then she continued: “It’s a huge thrill for me, and I’m beyond the beyond. And thank you, Oprah. And thank all you people there, some of you who are going to be sticking around and helping us make a kick-ass show for the Oprah Winfrey Network. And that’s it: Thrilled, thanks, and I hope I didn’t blow the surprise. Figure you already knew. Right?”

Well there’s something new for Harpo staffers: A demanding talk show host who is going to change things up by having a pack of wee ones roaming the control room.