Afternoon Aural: Bonde do Role
Brazilian punk funk electro rocking trio Bonde do Role just wants to get you moving. And they do. You may not get understand Bonde’s lyrics to their single, “Solta O Frango”, but you’ll definitely get the message: live it up.

Even if you do speak Portuguese, you may not pick up on the group’s gay word play – no doubt the influence of gay DJ, Gorky, who met the other DJ, Pedro, back in 2004 and asked Marino to join them on their genre-bending, queer-tinged trip. Domino Records brags:

Bonde’s mums love Bonde’s music, by the way. Gorky’s does her hydro-gymnastics to …With Lasers. She likes the happy songs, or at least the ones which sound happy but are probably about something unspeakable, because most of the lyrics on …With Lasers are in an obscure Portugese sub-dialect called Pajuba, which was appropriated by the gay community, a bit like polaris in Britain. “They have different words for ass,” Pedro clarifies. These lyrics pop up in ‘James Bonde’. “Gorky really likes James Bond,” Marina explains, “so I wrote a song about James Bond being gay, and turned him into James Bonde. He would be so much better being gay. The song is about how The Queen would sack him if she found out he uses false eyelashes.”

We like the sound of that.

Check out Bonde do Role’s debut album, …With Lasers, available now on iTunes.

(By the way, Bonde means “crew” in Brazilian slang. As in, pass the word along to your bonde.)