Afternoon Aural: Diana Ross
Diana Ross sure did get dirty after she left The Supremes. Here she is getting down and dirty with some bodybuilders in the video for the aptly named single, “Muscles”. As you’ll see, she gave eroticism some new (and sweaty) blood.

Judging from her latest album’s title, i love you, we’re not sure she gets quite as kinky. Or as original. And that’s precisely the point. According to Ms. Ross’ website, the diva has done loads of research to compile an album “to be played at celebrations of love and life: weddings, gatherings, intimate moments”. Ain’t that sweet?

But don’t think Ross would skimp you on some new material – the titular track’s her love song to you. Yes, you. It’s just you and Diana Ross. Alone. No muscles. No sweat. Just Diana Ross. Singing. To you.

Hmm, now that we think about it, dirty Diana seems much more exciting. But that’s just us. Why not do a little extra credit comparative study and let us know.